How to Talk Dirty

May 21, 2009 by MissBerlee  
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Spice up your sex life by learning how to talk dirty.

Sometimes a sex life needs a little bit of spicing up and this applies to all sex lives whether it is one that is between a couple that has been together for a few months of between a couple that has been married for fifty years. One of the easiest and best ways of injecting a little bit of spice into the relationship that you share with a partner is to talk dirty.

One of the major things that many women worry about when it comes to talking dirty is how silly they sound. If you are anything like me, I chose to have a few drinks the first time that I decided to talk dirty with my partner, leaving me slurring my words and coming out with some of the most random phrases in the world, none of which were particularly sexy. There is a way to go about this kind of thing and one of the first things that you should do is to get yourself some erotic fiction such as those written by some of the world’s naughtiest writers. Read them out loud when you are by yourself and listen to how sexy the words sound. By doing this, you will soon learn which words and phrases sound silly when they come for your mouth and this will give you a good idea of what your boundaries are. Certain people cannot say certain words without giggling so do not be worried or ashamed if you can’t say something, just put it to one side and try out something different. You will soon come up with an extensive vocabulary that you can use in dirty talk with your partner.

Sometimes talking dirty doesn’t have to be all about the special dirty sounding words and can be just as exciting when you say a simple phrase such as “That’s great” or “Don’t stop!” These things are just as likely to spur your partner on as the naughtiest phrases that you can come up with so why not start by using these simple phrases as a starting block and then head on up from there. You will usually find that at the moment of climax, you come out with sexy things anyway so why not use these and then extend them.

Of course you can always start with dirty talk out of the bedroom. A well timed text when your partner is at work telling him exactly what you want to do with him when he gets home can work just as well as a well timed phrase when you are actually in the bedroom. Why not try one of these filthy texts next time you have a spare five minutes and see the reaction that you are greeted with when he gets home from work?

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