HOW to: Start Going on Dates Again

August 28, 2011 by Hanh  
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Are you still crying over your ex? Here are tips on how to start dating new people and get over your past.

- Firstly, you need to figure out if you are ready to date someone new. If you still call your ex, you aren’t ready. If you still think about her, you aren’t ready. If you constantly check her Facebook, YOU AREN’T READY. You get the point. Try picturing yourself with someone else, someone totally different from your ex. Look at pictures of people you might be interested in, this will help you get started. You never know when you’ll find someone way better than your ex. 

- find time. Without time, you cannot meet new people. You need to get out even if it means just out for lunch or dinner. Go to the movies or any place that is very social and have many people. Over time, this will build up the confidence that you lost after breaking up with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are still in school, join clubs or teams. The best place to find someone who you will be happy with is by going somewhere you enjoy. example: If you like baseball, go to a baseball games because there will be others who enjoy that too. Don’t go to a club thinking you will find someone you like. Also, that way, you get to enjoy your interest and meet new people.

- Be strong. Not every one in the world is going to like you. there are no real ways to get over being rejected, just get over the fact that you were not meant to be and move on. It is easier than it sounds if you get used to it.

- Attend dating events if they are hosted in your city to meet many singles looking for a partner. You can also try online dating services, but don’t believe anyone because the Internet can be a dangerous place.

- If you meet someone you like, try talking to the about what you want. This builds understanding between the two, tell them what you like and utterly dislike so they know to steer clear of your dislikes. Then ask them about their likes so you can use them to make your relationship stronger. If you like each other, there is no reason to be afraid to ask.

- Again, be strong! Meeting new people is not very easy. You will probably be rejected a couple of times, you just need to understand and try again. Don’t give up.

- And have fun. Enjoy your time with different people, if you can’t be partners, you can certainly be very good friends. You can ask them for help to find you a partner and you can help them.

COMMENT and let me know if you would like me to do a HOW TO on a certain relationship problem. i would be happy to.

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2 Responses to “HOW to: Start Going on Dates Again”
  1. novelist Says:

    I am married and feel that we are still newly-weds. Why? The answer is we are both forgiving, compromising, accommodatng. Your humility about your being a simple person and not a paragon of whatever you may want to be, means that you may still be a paragon of creativity. There is a great deal of truth incoporated in your advice. Thank you for having given me the opportunity to read and digest the content of your article.

  2. Sebastian Onciu Says:

    Great article!

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