How to Pick Up a Boy

June 9, 2008 by Epic Troll  
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A guide I wrote for girls. I hope I can help.

There are many ways on how to start with a boy. Well I think that the best way is to be in one place with a boy and some other people. Like a classroom or a café with some people around to help you out. Now it is mostly always kind of scary to go and say hi, but you can go with some of your friends, just make sure they don’t humiliating the boy or this could have a tough end. Wait for the moment when the boy is alone or only with 1-2 of his friends. Then you can simply start a chat. Now it may be a funny chat, it may even be a rude chat or something even more boyish. Don’t worry, they won’t start to like you just the second they see you, it takes time. After a while you should want until he is alone and start to talk normal, ask his MSN, e-mail or anything like that.

Chat, but don’t chat too much. This could get the boy angry from countless messages that keep him from playing some game that drives him nuts. He can ask you out or you can ask him out for a date. Just don’t call it a date. Just ask him out. By the time when you talk you should find out what does he like, what type he is: is he a computer geek (I mean pro) or does he like to work out and stuff. Then he should do the rest of the things. But there is 1 thing that is important. The 1st kiss. In the movies, the man always kisses a woman first. That is unrealistic. Actually I was afraid to do it too. And I didn’t do it, because she did. That’s right the girls see better when to kiss. And the have more courage in that, at least that’s what I think. There could be a boy that would kiss you first, show him that you are ok with that, so he doesn’t feel stupid.

A few pointers on how to know when is the right time: you constantly meet, hug and like to be close to each other. If you haven’t kissed yet, do it. Remember do not try too hard on this, because bothering a boy isn’t a good idea. Wait some time after a date to meet up again. After some time there is 1 thing you should know: Safety first! You don’t want to be stuck with a baby don’t you? Well I hope I helped you out a bit. Feel free to comment or ask some questions, I will gladly answer.

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9 Responses to “How to Pick Up a Boy”
  1. Jessica Says:


  2. viliux27 Says:

    Well, for starters the hugs are the most easy thing:
    A goodbie hug :P We do it all the time at our class.
    Dont worry, the boy wont think anythink bad about this, its just impossible.
    Asking a boy out is a bit harder, but if you want to start meeting, go on big public places like parties with him and your or/and his friends. Then you can start meeting without friends and so on.
    But now the kiss…It just comes at the right moment, lets say you just look each other in the eyes or stuff… Its kind of hard to explain and hard to do, but it should come eventually.

    If anyone else has questions, feel free to ask

  3. Arie Uittenbogaard Says:

    Well guys, the secrets are out. The galls are on to us. I can’t wait to get that first kiss…

  4. kitkat9113 Says:

    I need help to pick up a boy came you help me please

  5. hotfire87401 Says:

    how do you know that this boy like me send the smyptoms to me

  6. mickey Says:

    ok i like this boy and he does so many sports and i do none but like i rly rly like him and he thinks that he might think im ugly and i dont kno why boys like girls for looks i like himbfor his personality not his looks even though he is rly hot!

  7. sophie Says:

    i absolutely adore this boy at school hes called mark and hes absolutely gorgeous my mate told me he fancies me but i dont wanna believe her because she could be lying and i dont want to make a fool of myself by asking him if its true and hes in my form and always talks to me always makes me laugh and he actually gave me a hug i usually have to ask him for one i was amazed should i ask him out and how do i do it and should i ask for his msn or email addy ???

  8. Emily White Says:

    Like, I fink dat dis boy @ my skool is da hottest beb evs. He chatz wit n lik tuches my arm and legs and dat. We hooked up 1 tyme. Dat was heaps mad. I luv him. But i dunno if he luvas me bck. Wat da shyt do i do?????

    LUVSIES!!! mwa peace xoxox : )

  9. molly Says:

    OMG their is this rea;;y fit boy at my scchool but noone knows i like him but the one thing that is stopping me is that he has a girlfriend !!!!

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