How to Meet and Date an Intellectual Male

September 24, 2007 by aleong  
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Are you ready for the joys and challenges of meeting and dating an intellectual male? Here’s how and where to meet one.

If you’re looking for a man with more brains than brawn as your new love interest, you need to know where to find one. Fortunately, smart men with brains and intellect tend to hang out in particular types of establishments which makes it easy for you. Here are some of the best places to meet an intellectual man:

Your Local Bookstore

This is a natural place for an intellectual male to hang out. With shelf after shelf of engaging books to feed his mind, he’s going to spend a lot of time at his local Barnes and Nobel or Borders bookstore. You might find him quietly perusing a book in a comfy chair at a B & N or sipping chai tea at the cafe. It also works in your favor that the bookstore with its requisite coffee cafe has become the new bar for brainy, well educated types. If you spot an interesting intellectual type engrossed in a philosophy book, take the seat beside him and ask if he has the time. It’s even better if you know a bit about philosophy and can make an intelligent comment about what he’s reading.

An Art Museum

This is another natural hang out for the intellectual man. You may spot him quietly standing in front of a Picasso attempting to analyze the meaning behind the interplays of color and form. Intellectual males love abstract art because it’s so open to interpretation. When you spot him, quietly move towards him and make a thought provoking comment about the painting. Flash him a cryptic smile like that of the Mona Lisa. Pretty soon he’ll be more interested in analyzing you than the painting.

Your University Library

The intellectual man may be a professor or he may just like to hang out at the university library where he can feed his mind. Why not spend part of an afternoon roaming the aisles of books? In addition to the requisite college students whose minds may not be developed enough for you, you’ll likely find a few professor types and graduate students that meet your criteria for a beautiful mind. Again, asking the time with a welcoming smile may get you noticed. If that doesn’t work, ask to be directed to the economics section. Intellectuals usually have an interest in economic theory and will be intrigued that you do too. Be prepared with a few comments on the theories of Milton Friedman. This is sure to win points in your favor.

Take a University Course

A sure fire way to meet an intellectual male is to sign up for an advanced university level course in philosophy, religion, economics, history, or science. If you’re not interested in meeting a college aged student, choose a university that attracts a lot of older adults attempting to expand their minds. Even if you don’t meet the intellectual man of your dreams, you’re probably going to learn something.

Your Local Starbucks

It’s a well known fact that intellectual men like to hang out in coffee bars. Something about the caffeine seems to stimulate their analytical powers. Why not get an espresso of your own and seat yourself beside the very intellectual type reading the New York Times? Quietly and sweetly ask if you can see the science section. This will surely distract him briefly from his article on the great political theories of our time. Hang around for a bit as you pretend to be engrossed in the New York Time’s assessment of the role relativity theory plays in modern scientific thought. You’ll have a second chance to make conversation when you return the science section to your chosen intellectual male.

Obviously, before you do any of the above, you need to make sure there’s no ring on his finger that would suggest he’s betrothed to another. Also use good character assessment. You don’t want to end up with an intellectual appearing psycho killer. There you have it. Four easy places to meet the intellectual man of your dreams. What’s holding you back?

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