How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Men

November 21, 2007 by MNM  
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Learn infallible strategies for making yourself irresistible to men.

Have you ever wondered why some women never seem to be able to find or hold on to one man while some others attract men wherever they go-school, work, church, parks, grocery stores…even the vet’s office-and never seem to have a shortage of them? Do you think some women are natural born man magnets and others are man repellents?

The truth of the matter is some women simply have a nearly infallible ability to attract men. Some women have this ability naturally. But there’s no need to despair if you aren’t one of those lucky ladies, because any woman can be taught how to make herself irresistible to men.

The Difference Between What Men and Women Want From Relationships

There is an old saying that men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love. There is definitely truth in that old adage. Men and typically, at least at the beginning of a relationship, want very different things. Most single heterosexual women want to be in a healthy, permanent, committed and monogamous relationship with a man who treats her like a goddess and loves her relentlessly. On the other hand, most single heterosexual men want to avoid commitment at all costs, and want to go out and have fun (i.e., sex) with as many attractive, sexy, uninhibited women as they possible. Are you beginning to envision women with nets chasing after men who are running for their freedom?

Obviously, this presents a dilemma. Fortunately, it is not an insurmountable one. Most men eventually come around to actually desiring to be in a committed relationship at one point (using just as their hairlines begin to noticeably recede). Some men become good husband material and get ready to settle down sooner than others, and some, of course, never do. But that’s alright, there’s no point in wasting your time, effort or energy on men who don’t share your relationship objectives. Think of managing relationships as a business; avoid markets that have no potential for profitability.

What Men Want In A Woman (Besides A Nymphomaniac)

You might think that you’d need to look like a supermodel to attract a man. Fortunately, this is not true, or there’d be a lot of average- and less-than-average-looking women who wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in you know where of ever landing a man. But the truth of the matter is a lot of women who would never be crowned Miss America (or even be named a runner up) are blissfully in love with men who love them deeply and passionately. Be assured that regardless of what you look like you can experience the love and romance you desire and enjoy a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with a man who will love you for the rest of your life.

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28 Responses to “How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Men”
  1. Yuyu15 Says:

    Why does a woman always had to please their desired man? I think if a man will appreciate you despite all your short comings, he’s the man for you. You don’t have to sacrifice everything, or even change you’re own little ways just to please a man. Surely, there’ll come a time when the right man for a woman will come and the woman will never have to do extra efforts just to be liked by him.

  2. Virginia Says:

    I agree with Yuyu………I dont have to try to be someone else to make him like me.

  3. Stacie Says:

    So much of life is about communication. Sometimes we don’t realize how our actions and words good/bad are interpreted. I see these tips as ways to let your partner know, in a way that they can understand, how much you really care about him. Yes, each man has different needs, just like each woman, but I don’t think it would hurt to keeps these tips in stride; they may be more helpful than you think in letting your partner know how much you care :)
    I also firmly believe that it is important for a woman to have a her own goals; a man should never be her goal.

  4. kim Says:

    MNM, I think you hit the nail on the head! I’m a 50 yr.old married woman who did a lot of dating in her 20s and 30s. I agree with most of what you said. I think the secret is simply to never compare yourself with anyone else — embrace and focus on maximizing everything God’s given you that makes you – YOU! And remember — you have to have enough self-esteem to be able to dump him at the FIRST SIGN of his bad behavior if he isn’t treating you right, and move on. This will come across if you exude body language that says “I’m a creature like no other. There’s no other woman quite like me.”

  5. Eyslivia Says:

    I am just myself.. and men fall in love with me just like that.
    im not that gorgeous. (well maybe with a fair bit of make up) =) but i am just myself.. and men like girls who are just themselves. not acting ‘fake’. i know i would feel much more comfortable being with a man i know who was being himself, than not being himself and trying to impress me.. so in my opinion, you shouldnt have to need the internet to find your true love. he should accept you for how you are already.

  6. Mel Says:

    I agree to a certain extent I however have been doing this for years now and have only seemed to attracte booty calls if you know what I mean nothing exclusive or fulfilling or have managed to have alot of ‘friends’ that treat me like one of the guys will say anything in front of me regardless of how gross or nasty, or will just come up to me hold me down and fart on me cause they think its funny, however I am not giving up sometimes it just takes time to find the right one, I am still looking so if others out there are doing all that and still haven’t found their man then keep looking

  7. Mel Says:

    Just wanted to say TESTIFY to you Yuyu & Eyslivia!!!

  8. Colleen Says:

    I believe it is about the confidence no two ways. Moping, self-pity, crying jags, and general lethargy is not something that anyone wants to hang out with. I went through it and I still have work to do but there has been a vast improvement in my attitude and consequently my appearance. I’ve noticed the different (better) reception I receive from men – even women – not my thing – but since the attitude shift I’m more approachable – still working on the trust thing and maybe too smart for my own good sometimes – but I’m working on it and that counts. Hang in there…

  9. goodselfme Says:

    Good info. well put together as well. You are wise beyond your years no matter how old you are, my friend.

  10. Marlenne Says:

    I totally agree with Yuyu. What happened with the times men fought for his woman? Now we have to do everything? Seems to me men are getting girly, they want everything quick and easy and life doesn’t work like that all the time.

  11. cicico29 Says:

    And the same goes for women… you have to understand how a man thinks… and if you are up to up and beyond for a man then most likely you don’t want him that bad… it is a game with men at first… you don’t have to go up and beyond at first but when you have him (or have what you want from him) that is when you have to do your part because believe it or not he had done the same for you for agreeing to be with you…. If something is not worth fighting for then you really don’t want it that bad and you should be ok and accept that!!!!

  12. cicico29 Says:

    I am not saying be clingy or try and do a 360 on yourself… I am saying change what you think is wrong with yourself first make yourself happy with you and always show that,be confident and treat them how you want to me seen think of them as you and be honest but not to quick to give everything away then you will completely be a man magnet… You don’t want to be with someone that will meet you in one day and want to commit (i.e marry you) you so don’t expect it from them…. Men are like puppies they only respond to praise and positive training from a confident, ambitious person!!!!

  13. somali_girl Says:

    i agree with u
    men are like ppppppppppppppppppppppppuppies that is true

  14. KaRmA Says:

    I have tried all of this and none of it worked. everytime it has failed. so try again with some new information.

  15. Lucky Says:

    Doing all of the things that this blog suggests DOES work. I have always been like this and they come “o” running when it happens.

    It is not that the women HAVE to do all the work. Yes, we do the work to make them feel comfortable about themselves. Plenty of flattery and self esteem boosters especially. Unlike women – Men like to be wrapped up in cotton wool and treated carefully. Their self imposed ego’s to do with love and sex are very tender and they need plenty of water and sunshine to make it grow.

    Doing the things above don’t necessarily mean you are not being yourself. Men love mystery. Some men will say that they want to be chased… THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE. Men are the chaser’s. Not the women. We just give them the “tools” or the eye candy and self esteem so they WILL chase us. In the long run they end up doing all the work and not us! LMFAO. Make yourself less available to then – But be there for the man when they ask. When they are finished back away and give them space. Then they will wonder what the hell happened and come running back for more.

    I fell in love with a man late last year and was totally head over heels. For the first time I didn’t stick to my philosophy and became the opposite of what I usually am. I always gave him great self esteem and whatnot. But due to my own life hardships my own self esteem was failing and he could sense it. I would cry on his shoulder and I gave myself to him extremely fast (by my standards). In the long run he pulled the pin and ran away because of fear of commitment (like alot of men do)….

    When I realised what mistakes I actually made – I was quick to move on. I was in excruciating pain nonetheless and it took me all my strength to stay away from him for a while to give him space. I had always been his best friend… then all of a sudden I friend wasn’t there anymore. My availability to him was zero and eventually he came back to me looking for emotional support for his own problems. In the long run I played “hard to get” – Low and behold?…. It drove him literally crazy knowing I was keeping in contact and not giving of myself like I used to. Simple teasing and my typical flirtatious behaviour… but knowing full well he couldn’t have the bag of cookies made him fall head over heals all over again.

    Now? We are on a steady relationship par and he is taking it one step at a time. I don’t want commitment from him until he knows for sure. But keeping yourself mysterious without revealing too much is what held the key to him coming back. Now he feels like he is learning to know me all over again ;)

    Have confidence ladies. Even when it appears that you might not. Because eventually the confidence you exude will help build you up and find your answers. Cheers!

  16. Nikki Says:

    I’m just like you #6. I’m not gonna give up either.

  17. Gillian Says:

    i think that another big thing that women to need to know is how to spot someone who is positive and not just looking for a booty call. that will be a way for them to find love and it will last longer with out wasting to much time. we need to be able to understand what some men are looking for so we can be happier and stay away from men who are gonna be players and hurt us all the time we need to spot it before its to late and we\’re already in love and being hurt. Some men (some women too) can just never be satisfied no matter if u have all these things and we need to know how to see that before we are in to deep.

  18. Look2TheFuture Says:

    After reading all this stuff it’s brilliant to c how many strong women there are. I’m just coming out of a long relationship and i’ve never been so hurt in all my life. I’ve fought and fought but in the long run i’m not happy. I think i’ve given away too much and not left enough mystery. not to mention crying on his shoulder a few times. Right now i don’t feel confident as a woman and don’t see a very bright future. i jus hope i can pick myself up and exude confidence day after day

  19. imogene Says:

    I’m 30 year old woman and I completely agree with this article. I just recently met the love of my life and we have plans to marry the first of next year. Everything that this article suggests I have been already doing-it comes naturally to me. I’ve always been pretty self confident, I’m not the most beautiful woman out there, but I accentuate my positive attributes and am proud of them. I try to keep it real with everyone not just men that I’m interested in. I’m not perfect and I don’t try to act that way. I am always myself and expect people to except that. If they don’t, they aren’t worth my time. When I met the man of my dreams I accepted him for who he is and he for who I am, we have a wonderful relationship because of it. I show him every day how much he means to me and he does the same for me. I don’t expect anything from him but to be himself and this man shows me more respect and love than I have ever gotten from ANYONE. It’s not about worshipping a man regardless of how he treats you. I wouldn’t treat a man like a king if he treated me like a dog-in fact that is the reason I divorced my first husband and have had failed relationships since-until now! I can’t imagine life without him (and the 7 children we have together!!!) so I will continue to show him the upmost respect and love every day of our lives and I know he will always do the same for me.

  20. fiz Says:

    I think every woman should first of all strive to be the best she can be ..fulfilling her goals, meanwhile hoping to find the man of her dreams. surely, she\’s got to be herself but also make any necessary adjustments to be a better person or mate, and gosh…if this isn\’t appreciated by the man in her life, she\’s got to just \”kick him out\” and move on! Some men just don\’t give a damm about how nice & worthy some women only stick to one who treats you right[love, care & respect) like you deserve to be treated-without which, keep loving yourself & those around you, staying positive & especially, remember those who care about you each time you\’re depressed-they\’re always there,just need to notice them sometimes & relate back.

  21. kc Says:

    Whether this blog actually works or not depends on the type of guy you really want for yourself. Some guys are attracted to what is described above. Other guys, however, may not be.

  22. yvette Says:

    i think the list was for the most part right, i think it’s all about how a woman comes off. i think you have to be classy,confident and just open-minded, for me its all about confidence and attitude.

  23. LaKel Says:

    I think the info given is very good in helping someone who is in need. To get a man’s attention (most of the time) you have to have a certain quality that attracts them to you. And then if you maintain the qualities that they like and want in a spouse, they will cling to you like a child on their mother, and they will do whatever it takes to win your heart and keep the woman. But the woman has to put in effort too. Relationships should always be 50/50. You both have to put in effort. I do believe that you shouldn’t have to change for someone, and it’s true that the person will love you for who you are. But that still doesn’t exude putting in effort. I’m one of those girls who has a lot of guys that are attracted to me and from what I know of 6 guys have actually fallen in love with me… and I’m only 15 years old. Out of all of those guys I’ve only fell in love with one, and were going on our second year now. Be yourself, but use your best qualities and boost them up making them stand out. And for more tips, other things I’ve noticed are that guys hate it when you hold back and they love a challenge. Playing hard to get is very attractive to some men, because if they do get you, then they feel that they’ve won the best prize of all. Stay in control of yourself. You cant always expect a guy to just come to you. Make them want to!

  24. Sofie Says:

    gosh i hope this works im only a teen but lol i hope this works

  25. SarahNicole Says:

    Men are pigs. Ive decided they are so deeply only concerned with themselves and their own satisfaction. Sure, Sex and intamacy are a huge part of a relationship. It shows that you are emotionally into them as well as attracted to their sexiness. hahah….. Despite all the great things they do for us…. In the end, they only hurt.

  26. Maggie Giordano Says:

    How can i Get my Ex to like/love me again.. I tried so hard to be his everything and it just never works.. HE just wont stepp up && be a man.. = / PLEASE help.. </3

  27. Life-Learner Says:

    Men mature at different stages.
    Christian Carter calls it Boy, Prince, Warrior, Mature Masculine. The best men for long term or marriage are the Mature Masculine, and they want the same thing as you anyway. Why? Because they are mature. They know how great a good relationship can be.

    The others generally have too much to learn to settle down, yet we women demand it of them and they do it if they love us and eventually – it ends. They weren’t ready. We have prepared them for someone else. Of course, some of them never get beyond Boy.

    I think Carl Jung calls them Lover, Prince, Warrior, Mature Man.

    If you are asking yourself why a man cant be how we think he should be, it’s because he simply isn’t there yet.

    A sign of a Mature Masculine is a man that has a purpose greater than himself. It is our job as women, to try and distract him from his purpose. The problem is, if we do manage to distract him, he loses balance and momentum and we don’t want him any more.
    A true Mature Masculine cannot be distracted from his Purpose for long. They are very, very sexy to be around.

    So sure, play with the boys, princes and warriors. They are great fun and love the best they know how to, but please, don’t try and marry one…. until they are Mature Masculine….

    You see, we can actually prevent them from ever maturing by short-circuiting their personal growth.

  28. eddie Says:

    i have been in a relationship with this guy ‘i’ for at least a ,omth. at first,(before we coupled up) he was really nice and all, he gave the attention, the love and the care which my ex did not. thn we met up, and he forced me to sleep with him on da name of love and trust. (he is my first). it affected me alot but he promised to marry me. thn, one day, when i was chatting with his friend, his friend told me every single thing about him. “i” is a very socialed kindda person. his friend told me he went our for a dinner date with a girl( this is right after the day he slept with me). thn i felt so insecured, so i told his friend what auctually happened and the friend consoled me. and when i told “i” i told his friend, he got mad with me and demands for a break up. ever since thn, he keeps finding fault on me. n now since i really want him back(because he took my virginity away), he said he will be with me but he ll pretend to love me. i really want him to fall in love with me. what should i do?

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