How to Know SHE is Interested in You

September 16, 2012 by samantha Frank  
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It is a common psyche of people to have some one for companionship. Dating has became an attire necessity but the point is how can you know whether the opposite person is interested in you or not.

In the beginning of late adolescence dating is of the competitive or mobile type, which involves many partners and does not involve an understanding. It is purely a pleasurable experience, with a minimum of emotional involvement, between individuals who are congenial friends. It is generally known as ‘playing the field’. As such, it is technique for finding a congenial member of the opposite sex who may, in time, become a life mate. How much time will be devoted to such dating, how long it will persist, and how early it will begin will be influenced by patterns of behaviour in the community, whether or not the adolescent belongs to a clique, whether the adolescent wants to marry early, and many other factors.

Dating patterns of the older adolescent are greatly influenced by mass media of communication, especially movies, television, and the romantic stories in magazines. The fact that the selection of a dating partner is a male prerogative it puts the burden of responsibility on girls to make themselves attractive so that they will be assured of selection. Materialistic factors play an important role in dating. The girl has good clothes, a home, car, and money superior to other girls rated higher with the boys and was assured of dates. Many male put emphasis on a pleasant, cheerful personality, neatness consideration for others, dependability, and good looks, with less attention to clothes, money, or social prestige.

Girls prefer boys who have good manners, are neat, attractive, and appropriately dressed, who dance well and can carry on a conversation. Having a car, money, or social prestige, while important, are considered less important than being a good companion. In general, qualities needed for good human relationships and for a good life mate are at the basis of date selection. Thus continuous dating of one individual instead of many generally starts after a year or two of dating.

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