How to Keep an Online Relationship

July 6, 2010 by Ann Yo  
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Online relationships need to be maintained so that it will continue to become strong. The essential part once you get into an online relationship is to ask yourself if the other person is really compatible or the right one for you.

When two people both like each other deeply then keeping or maintaining a relationship is easy online. Once you had seen and weighed that most of the things that you like in a partner are already on him or her then knowing each other well enough is the goal that both of you will be pursuing to elevate the relationship into a serious one.

You also need to observe if the relationship is going to lead into something valuable or worthy of your time, like meeting face to face as well as getting into a serious relationship. Sometimes other singles online will just date other people when they get bored or has nothing to do and the relationship will stay that way because they are also dating a lot of singles on the web. You will just know for a couple of days or up to a week if you could meet one because he or she will just send very short messages and does not tell so much about his or her daily activities.

Keeping an online relationship is easy as long as you provide attention to it in a special way on a regular basis. Both of you may enjoy writing to each other by email everyday to be updated of your daily activities. The two of you may also prefer chatting online through the free messengers like Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk or MSN with or without the use of webcam. A good scheduling that both of has agreed upon so that you can meet for a specific time is the proper way to do it. 

If both will follow the scheduled meeting whatever suits you the best is a sign that the two of you are really interested in knowing each other and is willing to make the relationship stronger. Once the other partner will constantly forget the scheduled meeting then this is a negative sign that he or she is not apparently that much interested to know the other person who is sitting at the computer waiting for his or her possible false or late excuses. Never allow yourself to be treated this way while you’re still dating because there could be another person who is waiting and is the right one for you.

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  1. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    this is great, i enjoyed it so much,,,just keep the lines of communication open,,,have a nice day!

  2. drelayaraja Says:

    Great share.

  3. drelayaraja Says:

    Great share. :-)

  4. gaby7 Says:

    Wish I were still young and single, I would have considered this a life long guide for those into online relationships! The views you give here are very pertinent. Thanks Yo!

  5. Gibi Says:

    Very true! Great article and very informative, too!

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