How to Get Rid of Your Girlfriend in 10 Days?

March 7, 2013 by Mr Arrogant  
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Are you dating a girl who you like but cannot stand her? She is a nice girl to hang out with but as a couple, you guys are different and very incompatible. You both cannot agree on small things due to having different personalities and hence, arguments start every now and then. Well, then it is time to break up and this article will tell you how to get rid a your girlfriend in 10 days.

        You find that the relationship between you and your girlfriend won’t work out but it is also a difficult task to break up. Well, this article will help you how to lose and get rid of your girlfriend in ten days.

  •        Girls do not like insensitive comments so why not try throwing some comments about her weight. It is actually very mean to pass comments about a girl’s weight and this may have a huge impact on her giving a small hint of losing your girlfriend. Passing comments about her weight may not just make her get rid away but leave an impact to some extent. If the girl is so much in love with you then again she may work out and get her perfect weight back anyways.
  • Comparision. Girls hate to be compared with other girls so go for it. Compare your girlfriend with other girls, especially the ones she hates. Women have a very strong ego and suffer from jealousy so it would be great to use that against her. So, comparing your girl with other women will make her upset and bring down her level of confidence. This way she may lose her feelings or may seriously dump you.
  • Insult the pet that the girl owns. Girls are very lovey-dovey about their pet and treat them like their family members. So, if you see her pet the next time, insult the pet near her. Make her feel that you hate her pet and every animal she likes. This way she may hate you and may actually get rid of you.
  •      Pass comments on her about her personal hygiene. Making comments about her weight was one but about her hygiene is another and this is surely have a very deep impact on her. You could tell her how her body smells and you cannot stand it. You can refer to how dirty her body is and about her bad lifestyle and cleanliness. Make sure that you show her you have a big problem with her personal hygiene and actually start comparing this with other girls. This will surely turn her off and may start hating you and may make a point for her to break up with you.
  •     Start having some female company. If you have some friends who are girls then start hanging around with some girls. Girls are very prone to jealousy and she may think you’re cheating on her. Make sure you hang around with women for long times and your girlfriend should get to know about it. Do not give your girlfriend attention and drag it all to other women. She would definitely be mad at you and make try finding someone else who gives her more attention.
  •    Don’t call her much and do not recieve her calls. A relationship is based on proper communication between the two. Therefore, if you bring the communication between you two to a limitation, she may think that you do not care about her much and is not worried about her. Do not take her calls so that she understands that you are not willing to talk to her. She would eventually text you how selfish and jerk you are not to recieve calls and mention that she eventually wants to break up with you.

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  1. Abbie King Says:

    Ha haaa! And if you want a girl to stick by you just do the reverse of this article. Nice one, the truth in this article hurts but well, the truth has to be told

  2. Jswana Says:

    This snarling little mischievous how-to had me rolling LOL. I’m a little coo-coo and would probably think (in jest of course) the same way. This is brilliant (in my whispering tone!) :)

  3. Rezaul Karim2 Says:

    Nicely written article, thanks for sharing

  4. RBB1010 Says:

    You know a lot more about women than I do, I still haven’t got them figured out. Thanks for a very god share.

  5. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @ Abbie King
    thata for sure. Now i guess uve to write article on how to get back a girl writing exactly the opppsite

  6. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @ Jswana

    haha seems like u really enjoyed my article.. thnks buddy

  7. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @ Rezaul Karim2
    ur welcome buddy

  8. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @ Rezaul Karim2
    ur welcome buddy…..

  9. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @ RBB1010

    haha actually its hard to figure out

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