How to Get a Girl to Like You If You are Shy by Using Facebook

January 22, 2011 by wargasm69  
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This is a little story that actually worked and I got a girlfriend from this. This only works if you go to an extremely large school with 1000+ students or the girl will see through this.

If you are a Pedophile GTFO. This isn’t for you. Don’t let this get in the hands of a pedophile pl0x.

Okay, so you see that girl across the hallway and want to get to know her. You really want to but your inhibitions are preventing you from doing so. “What if I say something stupid?” or “What if I sweat and I smell bad”. Well you probably will screw up if you keep thinking like that. Which is why you resort to what I call “insidious” tactics. 

Step 1: Figure out the girl’s name

Step 2: Find out if she has a facebook

Step 3: Create a fake facebook account with an attractive looking female.

Make sure you have multiple photos and that they don’t look professional or you will come off as a fake account and no one will talk to you. I advise looking up “zoe kimball” and “dan pat” because they are internet whores. They are well known on 4chan, but to the general public, no one knows who the hell they are. Their pictures are usually seen on porn sites, but no one really notices that when they are pleasuring themselves. DO NOT name yourself “dan pat” or “zoe kimball”. Choose a name that looks like it would fit the girl. Chances are the people you add may try to google you and when they find out your pictures are ALL over google searches, red flags will go up and you will be labeled a fake account.

Example: blone hair, blue eyes; use a German name-Katja Wagner

Step 4: Right click and save at least 10-20 of her photos and upload them onto facebook. 

Step 5: Set your school/education in a school that’s out of your state/providence or even out of your country or continent! 

Example: You live in USA, set your school to Great Britain, You live in France, set your school to Australia. Just look up any city in that country and there will be a list of schools to choose from. Try to choose the country’s capital as your location or any city with a large population. It gives you a larger pool to add people from.

Step 6: Include some background information.

Try to pretend you are the girl. lol, not really. Just use a description that would fit with the girl’s personality or looks. Or you can include the qualities of your dream/fantasy girl. Make sure you mention that the country your are “living” in is her birth country, so people will be more accepting. Make sure to keep this country consistent throughout the account’s lifetime. DO NOT change it. You will only change the country in which you “live” in. Explained later.

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