How to Find the Perfect Guy in Five Easy Steps

May 18, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
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Finding the perfect guy isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re looking for the wrong type of guy in the wrong places. Here’s how to really find the perfect guy and add him to your life.

We all know there’s no such thing as the perfect guy. But you can increase your chances of meeting a pretty darn good one by making a few changes in the type of guy you’re looking for. The guy who’s decked out in designer clothing sporting a Rolex isn’t always the best choice for a long term relationship. To find the perfect guy, you have to change what you’re looking for. Here are some ways to increase the chances of finding the right guy for you:

Look at Hair Color

Yes, it’s a bit superficial to judge a guy by the color of his hair, but according to surveys, dark hair guys have it all their light hair counterparts when it comes to forming stable relationships. According to these nonscientific surveys, guys with dark hair tend to be better natured and easier going. Of course, like every rule, there are always exceptions but it might be prudent to keep this one in the back of your mind.

Don’t Automatically Exclude Guys Who Aren’t Good-Looking

You know the importance of not judging a book by its cover and this rule applies even to the selection of men. The guy who’s polished with every hair in place might spend even more time primping than you do. Do you really want to compete with him for the mirror? Take a look at some of the guys you’ve given friend status. There may be a real gem hiding behind an unremarkable exterior.

Look for a Conservative Dresser

A guy who dresses conservatively is more likely to be educated and have a stable job and work history. It can be fun to date the bohemian type but if you’re ready to settle down, the guy wearing the suit or tie is usually your best bet for a successful relationship.

Reconsider Where You’re Looking

If you’re looking for guys in bars and night clubs, you’re looking in the wrong places. You already know what most of these guys are looking for and it’s not a committed relationship. Change your focus and start looking at the guys you see in bookstores reading The New York Times. These guys are usually going places, in contrast to the hot guy hanging out down at Victor’s After Hours nightclub.

Don’t Rule Out Online Dating

Online dating sites are a great place to do your research. Read some of the profiles of guys who appear to be stable and successful. What are their interests and pastimes? Do they like to play tennis? Take a few lessons and hang out at the tennis court. You can learn a lot from reading online dating profiles and this practice just may help you find the perfect guy.

If your quest is to find the perfect guy, take these ideas into consideration. It can help you avoid some of the obvious losers and find a man who’ll be more than just a short term fling.

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20 Responses to “How to Find the Perfect Guy in Five Easy Steps”
  1. mimpi Says:

    Thumbs up..

  2. Raven Says:

    The bookstore tip is a good one .. Loved it! Thumbs up!!!

  3. some guy Says:

    First of all , im a guy.
    The hair color thing is complete nonsense, most caucasian males when they are kids have blond hair and it darkens over the years.Thats why almost every women will say she likes men with dark hair more (show’s he’s more mature,serious..marriage type)…it’s subconsus and total BS.

    About “Conservative Dresser”.If a guy wears a suit and a tie at some celebrations or at the work that have those dressing rules, fine but if thats his regular clothing it doesn’t mean automaticaly he’s a marriage type, more like a “conservative” a bit boring guy (he has thinking more like your dad then like a possible boyfriend).
    Clubs and bookstore:The only reason guys go to nightclubs are women and every kind of guys go there because that’s the easiest place to meet someone so don’t rule a guy approching you in the nightclub he can be that “Perfect Guy”.

    p.s. sorry about my English its not my first language

  4. Happy Says:

    I agree with you some guy.I met my husband at the club and we have been married for 4yrs and Im pregnant and we still very happy.

  5. cookie Says:

    I like this guy but how do I know that he likes me

  6. Cookie Says: sorry

  7. kat Says:

    idk yet but gonna try it and i was going out with a blonde guy and he just made me cry and said he didnt like or luv me what a dum one thx thumbs up!

  8. namz Says:

    well… my guy is dark haired, dresses well and is a great person so i think all these points may be valid…

  9. some girl Says:

    hey at “some guy”

    whats your first language and where can we meet?

  10. some girl Says:

    ps: sorry about my english, it isn’t my first language either.

  11. Dreamer Says:

    But I met a guy in a bookstore a few months back. We\\\’ve passed since, and had one passing conversation a long time ago, but it seems like he\\\’s slipped away for the rest of eternity – so, what do you do once you meet the guy? :)

  12. ABCD Says:


  13. SOS Says:

    Hey ABCD kids could be listining to what you to all of you don’t say … and some guy great advice. i might listin to it!.

  14. great Says:

    Yes kids can be reading, I\’m a kid and I\’m reading so watch what you\’re saying! thank u :)

  15. a Girl Says:

    i dont think its wise to actually go looking for a guy. The “perfect guy” usually turns up when you least expect it and its not like all guys spend most their time in the same place.

    If you ask a couple who have been together for ages, most of the time they met in a really random place.

    If you must go out looking though, go somewhere where you can have fun and be yourself. Pretending doesn’t get you anywhere.

  16. Jenny Says:

    It takes time to find a perfect guy. If he knows the ten commandments and knows how to apply naturally, you got the one you want. Remember, whats inside of a person counts the most, not the hair color or the way they dress.

  17. Errr Umm Says:

    This Article kinda sounds like stalking to me! What happened to the one thing that sets a long & Short Term relationships apart Clear, Concise, Communication and then watch their actions.

  18. kaiser_05 Says:

    that is very correct..
    .. you are so right…

  19. SexPest56 Says:


  20. Nancy Says:

    I hate sites like this what real information are u getting???? Yes, I clicked on and read the passage then all the comments only to find no real answers.Do you know why? Because, there is not such thing as “perfect”. I realize I seem harsh but,that ladies and gents is the truth. Here’s the thing I have been married twice each time I thought I had found the “perfect” guy for me the 1st I was 19 and he had dark hair nice musically inclined, loved to dance , movies and animals, a “perfect” match. He turned out to be an abuser. Next, I found true love again. He was ten years older than me, funny, seem stabled,loving everything I was looking for. After 3 kids and 20 years together he moved out yesterday. Mainly because he decided when he turned 46 to start binge drinking, drugs and disappearing for days at a time come home arrogant and no explanation. He will turn 52 this year and I have wasted my youth foolishly on men who truly gave 2 craps about me in the end. I just wish there was a Perfect mate for everyone.I hope all of those who are seeking find theirs. I am glad I could vent and express my feelings. I think to find the perfect guy you have to know your self first and be the perfect gal. Perhaps, that’s where I failed to take the time to truly know me and know what I wanted and NEEDED in my life. I believe in LOVE, I think I had it once along time ago, but I’m not sure if it was me just hoping that it was as real for him as it was for me. Good Luck on your search.I don’t think you will find him here on these sites. I think he or she could be anywhere with any type of style, job, hair ,kids, ect. Know yourself first, it’s the best road map to the best partner.

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