How to be The Perfect Boyfriend

February 25, 2011 by XoTomTomoX  
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How to be a good boyfriend.

To be the perfect boyfriend you just need to be yourself. Make your girlfriend happy! Take her out, spend time with her, make her feel like shes a princess, like shes the most important person in the world, Suprise her!Some good things to do is send her flowers, just take her to dinner without her knowing, go places you have never been before. Every girl wants to feel loved so kiss her and hug her, once again guys! MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL!!! Buy her jewelry, a somewhat expensive ring or necklace will be perfect. There are so many things you can do to be the perfect boyfriend but those are some good tips. Just Remember, shes more important then you, so show her that and you will be the perfect boyfriend.

- Kiss her                                                                  – Treat her like a queen

- Hug her                                                                  – Tell her you love her

- Hold her hand                                                         – Tell her shes beautiful

- Take her to the movies                                           – Never forget when you started dating…

- Buy her suprises                                                     – Remember when your first kiss was, it means a lot..

- Be yourself and spend time with her

-Show her you care

- Help her when she needs help

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