How to Ask a Girl Out

October 24, 2010 by germanspartan15  
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A tutorial on how to stop being alone and start picking up ladies.

So You Wanna Ask Her Out?

A lot of guys worry about what could happen if they approached and asked out a girl. Let me start by saying that girls are people too and many of them like the fact that someone likes them. Face it, girls love to be told that they’re liked. Just that fact that you’re showing interest in her shows her that you like her and she will usually like it (unless she had a really bad day or something). The best way to ask a girl out is to be yourself when you first meet her and never stop. If a girl sees you as one person and notices how you change for her, she will know that you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Nobody likes that.

Get to know her and her friends. Girls have a very close circle of friends and they will usually ask their friends what they think of you. A good word from her friends will turn her on to you even more. Make sure to find what you have in common. If you are two totally different people, then what’s the point of dating her? A good relationship should have differences between the two partners, but also similarities to talk about and bring you closer.

Now that you know her pretty well, approach her and start a conversation with her. Keep it casual, don’t make it seem like you’re going to ask her out. Keep your calm and continue with the conversation. Make sure to compliment her often, this will make it seem that you are interested in her and care about what she has to say. Once this is done and you feel the most comfortable, ask her our. Do it when you’re completely relaxed and have cleared your mind. I don’t mean to steal Nike’s slogan but honestly JUST DO IT! Thinking about it will allow thoughts of rejection or other negative thoughts to fester in your mind.

So pretty much you just asked her out, good job man! Now here’s the important part, does she say yes or no? If she says yes you’re good to go. Have a great time on your date! If she says no, keep your cool and don’t seem too disappointed. It will be awkward at first but this can be remedied by staying positive. Tell her it’s OK that she doesn’t want to go out with her and that you respect her desires. This makes you seem sensitive and maybe in the future she’ll realize that she wants you and will ask you out. Who knows? Plus, at least you made a good impression on her friends. Just don’t go around asking out her friends or her sister. That says that you only liked her for a short period of time and you didn’t really care about her. Even if she said no to you, no girl deserves to feel bad because of you.

Anyway, I wish good luck to everyone who reads this as you will need it. Remember, the more time you take to think about it, the more bad thought are gonna appear. JUST DO IT!

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