Helen Gurley Brown Defined The 1970s

August 14, 2012 by Jswana  
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It was a lot of fun to read Cosmo, so much advice about the fellows…….

Helen Gurley Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being young in the 1970s, or better put, coming of age then, I would not trade for anything.  It was an important decade and even as a War raged on, we had a measure of Activism and still an Element of Peace here in America.  It seems that people were getting along and even more so, they were willing to do so and they seemed to want to do so.  I took strong advantage of that decade even though it wasn’t in my conscious to take advantage but when I look back on life’s experiences, sometimes the 1970s defines the way so many ideas were formed in me and about men.

Yes we had role models everywhere; in the home, in Society and in the Media and Helen Gurley Brown proved to be a rather good one in the Media.  She was everywhere and we loved it because she was always talking about men and the quest to find a good one.  She wasn’t beautiful, but she seemed beautiful or at least attractive and confident.  Her confidence on Dating, were usually right on the spot in our little circle of friends, particularly at work.  So we became Cosmo Girls, dressing the part, shopping, knowing how to date a certain man.  It was so much fun.  She was the beloved Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

She’s gone died today, August 13 at age 90 and I mourn her because I liked her since she defined a lot that was enjoyable about being very young and that was how to be a Woman back then.  We knew already how to be decent, but learning how to experience the full realm of it was shared by this lovely woman who I really thought was cool, so I say to her, Rest in Peace.  You defined a really memorable time in my life!

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  1. sabanawaz Says:

    This is a sad news and
    This is a beautiful tribute by you writing this article.It is hard to say good-bye to ones so special.
    Much Peace and Love,

  2. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    A lovely tribute to her. I was just a little girl in the 1970s being born in 1971, so I vaguely remember her. But she seems like a role model.

  3. septana Says:

    article very good and the writing that gives knowledge.

  4. herjave01 Says:

    Nice tribute. Thank you for sharing!

  5. elee Says:

    This is a complete extraordinary authorship

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