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April 2, 2012 by imake7  
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Easy way to get a girl.

Alright, so I’m pretty much a love guru guy.  I love women and have had great experiences with them.

Men follow these five rules, and then some, to get a girl, any girl.

Cover of Girl

1) Look decent, don’t be wearing sweat pants or basketball shorts all the time. Shave! Put some gel in your hair and whip out the polo’s.

2) Be nice.  You have got to be nice to girls. The worst things guys do are be mean, or be desperately nice, which means being nice 24/7 just to try to look really nice.  

3) Be there for her, but don’t ditch what you are doing, for her.  

4) have your bro nights, and when she needs you, be there by text or call, don’t ditch the bros! And she wants to know that you can be independent!

5) Be BOLD If you are bold, she will notice you over any other guy! She is looking for that, be nice, sweep her off her feet!

Good luck guys!

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