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September 7, 2008 by Love Lace  
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How men are enticed to having the sexual main course.

As a woman, it was important for me to find out what exactly would lure a man to a woman. Not only lure them but what will bring them to a point of sexual satisfaction.

Understand, men’s foreplay is completely different from a woman. Women like all of the romance etc., but men want different things.

After interviewing various men of various races and ages; the list below indicates what they have expressed as important or what they consider foreplay.

Physical Attraction

They said physical attraction is important but each man’s attraction is different. Most of the men said the model type women are beautiful but not exactly what they would consider attractive for themselves. They said they like a woman with curves. They want a woman they can grab and hold. They also said, long hair was their preference for a woman. The hair should not be to wild. Curly, Wavy or Straight – didn’t matter just as long the hair was maintained and long.

Make Up

All of the men said they like the makeup woman to be natural. In my opinion they say natural but I think what they meant is make up that looks natural because if they saw some women without their makeup on, they would probably run.


All of the men said they like women with their toe and finger nails manicured but necessarily long. They do notice if the woman’s nails are chipped or not painted. They consider the way a woman maintains their nails is sign on how they maintain their bodies.


90% of the men have indicated they love it when a woman wears heels of any type. The only type of heel they don’t like to see a woman wear are the shoes that are more than 4 inches. The other 10% of the men said what turns them are open toe shoes or sandals. They didn’t care if they were flat shoes as long as the toes were manicured and showing. Honestly I think these men have a foot fetish.

Bedroom Clothes

Oddly enough 90% of the men have informed me that the sexy stuff is nice but they don’t really care because it’s what is under the sexy stuff they want. So ladies, don’t waste your money unless you know for sure your husband likes that kind of stuff. The other 10% of the men said they get turned on with the sexy bedroom clothes.

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9 Responses to “Foreplay for Men”
  1. Leo Reyes Says:

    I agree with most of what you say. good article.

  2. James M Says:

    “In my opinion they say natural but I think what they meant is…”

    In that half sentence you have outlined exactly why us men do not even try to understand women. Why even bother answering your questions if your not going to listen to what we say?

  3. Love Lace Says:

    James, just to clarify; the questions were posed and clarified before I submitted the article. They, in fact, have indeed informed me they like make up on a woman but they like it to look natural and not plastered on. What I meant was when I asked the men “Do you like make up or do you like your women natural? They responded natural – but then clarified they meant the makeup should look natural”.
    So I definitely do listen to men and their responses. It is one of the reasons why I do marriage counseling is to determine what is important to both men and women. Thank you very much for reading my article – please feel free to give me your opinion on any other topics in the future. It helps to understand what a man thinks and feels.

  4. goodselfme Says:

    Never is out dated material. a lady is never too old to learn either.

  5. James Kelly Says:

    “Men are very simple people…”

    Flattery will get you nowhere.

  6. fista Says:

    Sounds easy to get a man on bed.

  7. Keith G Says:

    Well speaking as a man, I disagree, I for one prefer women that have no make-up. I find it much more appealing, make-up is attractive, but it strikes me as a misrepresentation, makes her look fake. I do however agree with the hygiene statement, well groomed long hair is attractive, as well as well groomed nails. Showing off a little skin is ok, too muck is too much, and too little doesn’t excite. Shoes can go either way, bed room clothes are hot, and yes I prefer to have a curvy women, someone I can pickup with ease and wrap my arms around, after evaluating your article and reading my own I give you a 9 out of 10. the only thing I had a problem with was when you tried to predict a different answer than the one you obtained. The make-up question and I quote, “In my opinion they say natural but I think what they meant is make up that looks natural.” While I agree that some women are scary without it, it is wrong and unattractive to try to cover-up what will be revealed in due time. To conclude my article all the women reading this too much make-up is too much, a little is fine, but keep in mind make-up is not what makes you attractive and you shouldn’t hide behind it.

  8. jaysland Says:

    Most of us men just need a convincing smile and a willing heart!

  9. Jem Says:

    “Men are very simple people…”
    To be honest, hun, you were fine until you got to that point. Men and women are equal, neither sex is \”simpler\” than the other. I agree up to a point with the rest of your article but that particular sentence really upsets me. It\’s such a shame there is still so much inequality in peoples thoughts. Men are not toys, they\’re wonderful amazing people and yes, there are some bad apples, but there are a hell of terrible women out there too. Please don\’t discriminate against against half of our society, it undermines you as a person.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, I am a female who wears minimal make-up and who is in a loving relationship.

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