Five Ways Women Ruin Relationships

March 14, 2008 by Lance Taylor  
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This is a list of five things that women do to ruin a relationship. This would be wise if both guys and girls read this article. I know there are things that guys do wrong, but this one is just about the girls. These are all legitimate facts so dont think I just made them up.

  1. Don’t try to change your man

    The relationship is headed for failure if women constantly scold their partner about things they cannot change.

  2. “Where is this going?”

    This dreaded talk could go in an unexpected direction that would be for the worst. Men don’t like to be put on the spot so just give him some time. If he has too much time, though, maybe you should just move on.

  3. Don’t give up your passions

    Don’t give up everything you love just to make men happy. You can make us happy and still have your passions. Reason being, you will begin to realize everything you give for us and you will start to hold a grudge.

  4. Living for the future

    If you want to stay with a guy forever but there are constant arguments then it isn’t worth it. You may think that it will get better with time but if you argue everyday and have conflicts over everything than it won’t get better. You and him would be better off being happy with someone else, but if you think there is true love it is worth hanging in there for a while to see if things really will change.

  5. Don’t diss friends

    If he has friends that are close to him and he treats them like brothers try not to constantly diss on them. This could eventually lead to a situation to where he would have to choose between you or them. Like it or not some of his closest friends he has probably known longer than you.

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2 Responses to “Five Ways Women Ruin Relationships”
  1. Lucy Lockett Says:

    I guess there are some valid points here but it is a two way street.

  2. Rick Says:

    Women lie to themselves. All women are CRAZY!

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