Five Ways to Attract Women

February 2, 2010 by Seth Morgan  
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A lot of men out there have trouble attracting women, and more often then not it’s not an unsolvable problem. Learn how to be popular with the ladies and improve your self esteem.

Attracting women and being attractive to women is a daily stress in many men’s lives, and there is no one simple way to start attracting women like crazy, as all those e-books and advertisements say. Really, each woman is different, like each man is, so you have to learn about them before you can start dating them. However, there are a few basic guidelines that the majority of women look for, and it can never hurt to become a more confident and sexy man.

Show off your intelligence a little. Don’t brag or be conceited about it, be modest, but don’t hide your smarts from a woman you might be interested in dating. If the girl you’re interested in finds that your smart repulsive in some way, then she probably wasn’t worth dating anyway. Don’t be intimidated if the woman is as smart or smarter than you, instead use it as a conversation starter and get talking.

Be confident. Confidence is something that is very hard to build up, and in most cases it’s only around women that you’ve dated for a long time or known for a while that you’re confident around. While there is nothing wrong with that, most women like it when the man they’re talking to is self confident. That said, don’t be overly confident, and always listen to what she says. Be yourself, only with more confidence.

Smile! Show the woman that you’re with that you’re happy being with her, and that you’re having a good time. Smiling can bring out your best features, and can show that your willing to show your feelings around her, again, being confident.

Laughing can have the same benefits as smiling. A man who can’t make a woman smile or laugh will find that he won’t seem as attractive to woman as other men, because women love someone who can make them laugh and be happy around. If you’re serious and depressing all of the time, odds are that you’re going to end up with a serious and depressing woman. 

Now, rejection is probably the most feared thing on the planet besides public speaking and death. But everyone gets rejected some time in their life, from a movie star to a janitor. There’s no shame in being rejected. Take it in stride, stay confident, and move on. Maybe that girl just wasn’t worth it.

Lastly, don’t be manipulative. Women hate sleazy men who only want to sleep with them. Don’t trick them or lie to them, listen and be compassionate, talk and be their friend before dating. Get to know them before anything else, and don’t go after a woman just to get into her pants. 

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