Five Ways to Attract Men Who Treat You Well

June 11, 2010 by Guy Farmer  
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Tired of dating losers who make you feel awful? Discover five ways you can attract men who treat you well and make you feel great. Learn practical tips you can use to improve your dating life.

Ever date someone who didn’t treat you well?  We sometimes put up with not being treated well because we want someone to love us and we want to feel attractive to others.  So we begin a cycle where we continuously attract the wrong kind of people.  I’ve had people mention to me that they wish they could meet a good guy instead of a bad boy but they keep settling for the ones who make their lives a living hell.  Here are some tips to help you attract men who will treat you well.

Build Up Your Self Esteem

Self esteem can never come from the outside, we need to build it up inside ourselves.  A practical way to do it is to do things you love.  If you enjoy art practice that, it you like kayaking do more of that.  Follow your inner voice and get to know yourself.  Once you’re comfortable with yourself you’ll attract people who care about you and you won’t be an easy target for those who troll for women with poor self esteem.

Break Old Patterns

If you always date a certain kind of guy who stomps on your heart then the way to avoid doing it again is to do something differently.  Take some time to figure out what it is you’re doing and create a plan that doesn’t repeat those patterns.  It may be hard at first but you will settle in to the new pattern as you practice.  Make it a point to avoid the stuff you’ve been doing up to now.

Know How You Want to Be Treated

Discover what you want from a relationship instead of how someone can take stuff from you.  What are your likes and dislikes?  How do you want to be treated (well)?  Once you know for yourself how you want people to treat you you’ll be able to ask anyone in your life to do it.  Don’t compromise, your needs are important and come before anyone else’s.

Don’t be Seduced or Fooled by Flash

Some people get mesmerized by shiny jewelry and fancy cars.  If you really think about it, are you only worth some material thing?  This is where you should look at tip number one and build up your self esteem a little bit.  Pay attention to smooth talkers that say all the right things.  They know how to do that because they’ve practiced those lines on other people who fell for them too.  If you don’t get blinded by flash you will be able to choose people based on deeper qualities like kindness or caring.

Be Yourself

One of the most wonderful things in the world is to have someone love you for who you really are.  That’s why it’s important for you to find out about yourself and learn to really like yourself at a very deep level.  When you feel comfortable with yourself you can just act like you and you’ll attract people who like you for your genuine qualities.

Try these five steps and you’ll be on your way to dating guys who actually treat you well instead of making you feel horrible about yourself.  The main thing about dating is that it shouldn’t be something hurtful, it should be a part of life that makes you feel great and adds to your happiness.  Always remember to know yourself first and then you’ll make wiser choices in your dating life.

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