Five Steps of Dating to Relationship Transition

April 19, 2012 by Sponge Love  
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Five Steps of Dating to Relationship Transition.

Most males are unsure about the dating to relationship transition even though they are typically the ones who initiate the change. Although women nowadays can easily ask a guy out or talk to them about approaching a permanent relationship, most women simply prefer to wait for the guy to make his move. This is why males who are genuinely interested in a girl should immediately learn the dating to relationship transition process before the woman they want gets tired of waiting. That being said, following are some tips on how this can be done.

Dating to Relationship Transition – Be Constant with the Dates
Most guys already know if they want to pursue the relationship right after the second or third date. If this is the case, then they should subtly let the girl know about this decision by keeping in contact with them and asking them at least once a week. Women can be very intuitive and once they realize that the male is paying close attention to them, it would not be hard for them to contemplate starting a serious relationship with the male.

Dating to Relationship Transition – Ease in Emotional Intimacy

Do not be shy about talking to the girl about family and friends with the hope that she would start talking too. The trick is to volunteer information and then gently prod her for personal information. Women value emotional connection with men so make sure that she feels that spark. Asking about her friends and family – without meeting them – would be a good starting point. This will pave the path for another relationship goal.

Dating to Relationship Transition – Approach the Idea of Exclusivity
Now this is the hardest part of dating to relationship transition. At this point, the guy has to go verbal about his intentions and tell the woman he likes about the possibility of a relationship. Ideally, guys should do this after several weeks of steady dating. With exclusivity, the two of them could start focusing on each other and really start forging a strong bond.

Dating to Relationship Transition – Meet the Friends
As mentioned above, asking the woman about her friends and family would help pave the way towards finally meeting them. This is actually one of the pillars in the road towards a permanent relationship. Once the female meets the friends of the guy and vice versa, this exudes a sense of permanency for both.

Dating to Relationship Transition – Make Plans
Lastly, make plans about the future. It does not have to be about a wedding or how many kids they want. Instead, talk about what would happen 5 years from now or even just a year from now. This lets the female know that the man can still see himself as part of a couple in the future.

Of course, those steps are not exactly absolute. Dating to relationship transition may encounter some twists and turns that people would need to adjust to along the way. Remember that every relationship is unique so individuals would need to adjust depending on the specific situation they find themselves in. With the right approach, males will find themselves undergoing a smooth dating to relationship transition and feeling happy with their life.

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