Five Signs He’s a Jerk

March 26, 2009 by Ritchelle  
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A classic, easy to read and remember five golden award winning warning signs that tells you if your guy is a jerk.

In the Philippines where the medium of instruction in the schools is English one only needs a little obedience coupled with diligence to learn the language. However there are, quite naturally, slangs that we think we know the meaning of but still aren’t that sure.

So when this topic, 5 Signs He’s a Jerk, came up I still have to consult an online dictionary just to be sure for I heard somewhere that the term “jerk” possesses a not so negative and derogatory meaning.

So along came that confirmed the term’s eligibility I am going to pinpoint in this article. A jerk is a dull, stupid, fatuous person. It must be so bad a word for I know what dull is. Stupid is not so avant-garde a word for anyone who is English as a Second Language speaker wouldn’t know the meaning of. The third word in the definition, which I have all right to believe is another adjective, is something I don’t like to find out about anymore. The first two words would be enough to render this article a right direction.

I am currently at that stage that I know a jerk when I see one. I’d even know one the moment I smell one. Had I been given an opportunity to get pregnant and give birth at 18 I would’ve had a 16 year old by now. That’s how long I’ve lived to find out and confirm what a jerk really is.

Here’s the 5 golden keeper signs he’s an all time classic jerk:

  1. He borrows money from you.

    Doesn’t this guy have buddies? Friends? When a guy is courting somebody he respects he does so not because his hormones tell him to. Well, that plays a major role, but he courts a woman because he’s showing signs of interest in starting something special which we all know would lead to starting a family someday even if it takes him 20 years to realize it. Given of course that things work out right between those two people.

    A guy proves and quite naturally taunts his manliness during this courtship stage. He doesn’t show any signs of dependency. How is a jerk going to feed, support and be the one to provide not only his name but also serve as the pillar of the very basic foundation of humanity?

  2. You pay during your first date.

    I’m not talking of you paying for the entire meal but paying for anything during this put-your-best-foot-forward stage can make anyone do a double take. It’s either you got a date with a jerk or this guy has an IQ bordering on the level of a jerk that would make it difficult for you to live with let alone be with. He’s not going to be a source of pride on your arm, honey.

  3. If you’re living with your parents, he shows up when they’re not there. If you’re on your own he doesn’t join you on your get-together with your friends.

    Sounds like an experienced and accomplished criminal hiding from the curious and experienced eyes of the authorities’ radar. If he dunks these people who love you he’s got the bones of a no keeper in his body.

  4. He’s like he’s always about to have his period.

    His mood swings would not only make a girl about to have her period jealous but there would come a time that you have this feeling that you did something wrong again and can’t figure out anymore what it is.

    If he can’t rationalize things to calm him down in front of a naturally unpredictable, moody female he’s not going to be able to in the long run. People don’t change. They just learn how to cope and temper down. Mood swings are brought about by hormomes. His hormones are there to stay.

  5. He breaks up with you saying he still likes the two of you to be friends even though things didn’t work out. Then he revels in telling you about his new girlfriend.


Sometimes jerks have this roguish charm that many women find irresistable. All I can say is there are a hundred things I can write about that can tell you if your guy is a jerk or not. But consider a decent and easy to read and remember 5 golden signs.

Resist their charms ladies. For all we know it may not be an affinity to their charm you’re feeling but a sense of wonderment on what planet he came from.

You’re only as good as the partner you get and the partner you keep. Dispose of him before it’s too late.

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