Five Reasons Why Your Man is Cheating on You

November 14, 2009 by TierrasMommy  
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Ladies Some Reasons Why Your Man Is Cheating.

Face it ladies alot of men love to cheat and we always want to know the  reasons why they did what they did, but the truth is that the relationship might be lacking in one area or another. If you want to know some reasons why your man cheated on you just continue reading down below.

1. Men Need Alot Of Spice- Men crave alot of spice in their life they need variety in all areas of their life. You see when a man’s sex life tends to become a repetitive routine they start to look for more spice in their sex life and that is one reason why men tend to cheat on their partners. You need to keep your man guessing or else they will start to wander which often leads to alot of heartache in the end.

2. Men Often Feel Misunderstood- Another reason why men cheat is because they often feel that their lover just doesn’t understand them thus they tend to fill in the gap by cheating with another woman who they think
understands them. If these men would only communicate with their partner their relationship wouldn’t have gone as far as cheating in the first place.

3. Men Love Danger- Its sad but true some men just love the thrill of so called danger by risking the trust between their partners by cheating constantly. It is always best to avoid the men who love a thrill to a
lifetime of misery.

4. They Fall Out Of Love- This is always a big sign of trouble when men stop telling their partners that they love them the reason for this is because it is a big clue that your man maybe on the prowl, but may not have the guts to end the relationship.

5. Men Just Grow Apart- For one reason or another men tend to just grow apart from their relationship with their partners and this is always a sad even when this occurs. Often men will just cheat instead of finding the courage to seek professional help to fix their marriage.

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