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November 11, 2012 by nuranihakim  
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Feeling of disappointment can arise at any time because we can not hold great hope for the emergence of a person’s attitude.

At the time we associate with the outside world, everything can happen ranging from the good to the bad. Coupled with the feeling we have that will add value to what we experienced was dramatic. Among the many flavors that may appear there is one thing that could be the phrase we often experience feelings of disappointment words. Feeling of disappointment can arise at any time because we can not hold great hope for the emergence of a person’s attitude.

Expression of a feeling of disappointment for some people is very difficult to hide. We may reflexively words convey directly to the relevant disappointed hopes of a direct consideration for the people that we do not like his attitude. Beretikakah when doing that? In my opinion, legally permissible, as long as expressed in the words that are not heavy and not until the person feels blamed membaut frontally.

Being personally well liked does not mean we can escape from the sense of disappointment. So many of the characters we meet in any of our interests, so do not rule out the possibility that we will see, hear, and interact with people with nature as opposed to us. It could be that people are our families, even those that are can be our parents. For example, we basically want to see our parents to be quiet in his old age is not too hard to force myself to work, still busying themselves to trade when their daily needs can be met from the provision of children.

Expression of feelings disappointed words are necessary to convey a sense because the harbor without ever released will be the burden of thinking that does not need to exist. The burden alone will make you feel tired without working hard, head dizzy on holiday, so busy yourself when people relax, even being lonely in a crowd. Whatever feelings we have should be removed as long as it does not demonize anyone but solely for the common good. At least the person knows that there are disappointed with its like that ..

Disappointed because love is disappointed for centuries now, probably because in Indonesia, whose name was recently dating this decade have become booming. The past, there is rarely such thing as dating, mojok together, holding hands, etc. .. Most past could only make love letters, direct to, and express kata2 disappointed by composing poems disappointed .. The world is changing much …

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