Eight Important Qualities to be a Good Date Material

November 27, 2012 by manish007  
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The content is about a relationship which provides eight important qualities to be a good date material.

Every relationship stay stable on reliable way of thinking and the most important thing which required in any relation is trust, respect and faith for each other. Ask yourself the following eight question whether you are a good date material or not.

1.     EXPECTATIONS:  Do you accept the fact that you date is not just like you? How can men and women think and act in a similar way. Long-term relationship is all about understanding the differences between men and women and how to bridge the gap between the two of you.

2.     TOLERANCE: Are you tolerant of your date as you would like him to be tolerant of you? We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. While some weaknesses can be worked upon others will have to be treated or put up with. Can you do it? What if your date is a habitual procrastinator? Will you be able to tolerate this? And do you have the same set of rules for yourself as well as your date? For example, he has to call back but if you don’t its okay and pardonable. The truth is all relationships are based on give and take.

3.     AVAILABITITY: Do you have the time and energy to invest in being and having a date? Dating requires a lot of time and energy since you are trying to understand the person better. You will need at least a few months of dating before you become confident of your date.

4.     HONESTY: do you expose your true self to your date? This is something which you need to be very careful about. If you are not honest in exhibiting your true nature or revealing your true feelings, you will never be able to develop intimacy with your partner.

5.     OPENERS: Are you willing to share your feeling and believe that certain things may upset your partner? We are like to be on our best behaviour during our clandestine meetings, but dirty secrets will come to haunt your after marriage.

6.     DEPENDENCY: Are you able to stand on your own? Our culture expects women to be passive and dependent on men f or everything. The reality is however different. Men like women who can solve their own problems and consult them only when those problems are unsolvable.

7.     EMPATHY: Are you able to look at things from your date’s point of view? If you have the ability to do this or can develop it, you’ll be the most sought- after lady in your social environment.

8.     PERSPECTIVE:  Are you always selfish and self- centred? Well, this quality is barely ever appreciated in you. You might be successful in marking this characteristic during your dating days, but you really can’t hold this behaviour for long. Be considerate.

Only you can decide whether you are a good date material or not. What if you aren’t? Well, begin yourself change programme today.

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