Dating Tips Shy Guy

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Dating tips shy guy.

Not all men are confident and high initiative when dealing with women, there are some men who always felt nervous about being close to a woman. A relationship with a man shy / quiet might be a little inconvenient for the women, for it will share tips on how to date a man shy.

Study the properties of default
Shy or quiet nature usually appear since he was born or the circumstances surrounding that made him shy. The first task for you (women) to be in a relationship with a shy guy is trying to learn the nature that he will open up and want to communicate with you. For example, by trying to figure out what will make silent, to find out what could make her laugh, etc..

If you crave a hug from him, even though you are both silent, until whenever shy guy will not hug you. Try to take the initiative for a start you, begin to open the conversation, ventured to hold or embrace his shoulder, etc.. That way he will slowly get used to and will take the initiative themselves.

Warm ambience
Dating a shy guy, would be very boring if you chose to remain silent. Try to ask him something, make a joke or ask her to tell interesting things about him to you.

Make her feel comfortable
If you are in a crowd or a lot of people make her feel uncomfortable, try to switch places and bring it to a place that he feels comfortable mebuat. Shy guy will be closed when it is in a place that he is not comfortable, it will make a date does not go well.

Do not give a “yes” or “no”
Berinisiatiflah and start to ask, but not to provide questions that need to be answered with “yes” or “no”. Ask questions that make it talk more or ask her to elaborate. For example, by asking “what do you usually do at weekends?” Etc..

The last thing you need to do is understand it, and give you understanding. Do not let shyness destroying your dating event with him. If you really like it, of course you can accept it for what it is. Do not force him to be what you want, try to understand him, eventually you’ll get used to it or it will gradually change its nature.

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