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August 8, 2012 by Dr. Phillip E Clark  
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In this article I will discuss the point keys to dating. Finding the right woman or man is the key to long lasting relationships. If you want to love someone, then you’ll work on a relationship with them.

What is dating?

There are many reasons why we date. We date to find the most compatible person for us. Although first impressions are important, first impressions doesn’t reveal the true and real identity of a person.

There are some points into dating. In this article I want you know them. I have met guys who wanted a quick, one time sex with a co-worker or school-mate for bragging rights. The end results 90%, they’ll end up hating each other. The bragging right is the embarrassing right to admit whoredom. Anyone seeking an sexual encounter before dating is considered, “whoredom.”

In dating, BE YOURSELF rule applies. If you fart, burp, giggle loud, walk funny, roll your eyes a lot, talk a lot, talk about yourself, talk about other people, and etc, this is the time too reveal it. Someones either going to like you for you or not. Some folks are turned off by alcohol and smokers, this is the time to reveal these behaviors.

In dating, TAKE TIME into it. Rushing into sex, marriage, and co-habitation usually leads to splits. This is why many of your dates have had many dates, or have children from other lovers, and have had too many room-mates. Dating is taking time to get too know the real person before committing.

In dating, it’s CREATING MOMENTS together. Going too fast in relationships gives no time to reminiscence on a joke, a laugh, a touch, a kiss, or simply reading a passage in a book together. Dating is creating a moment to remember things when your apart.

In dating, for long-term relationships, there’s no AGE limit as long as your over 18years old in love. The gap between the ages means nothing, when it comes to love. Finding a compatible partner over 18years of age is in dating. When you’re older and dating a younger, you’ll tend to act younger. The younger generation tend to reduce aging with. When you’re young and seeking an older person in age, they tend to be matured and stable in life. The matured and stable been through life, and tend to be matured in handling financial decisions.

In dating, you’re ESCORTING one another. It’s not bad as it sounds. If I’m on a date, and I like what I’ve got, nothing around me matters. I’ll stay focus on the one I want before me. Therefore I’m the type of person that will open the door, notice if the persons cold, happy, sad, and every little detail about them, I can notice. Nothing around us matters. It’s the time alone that matter too me. I like escorting my date in places with my focus on making the date be number one to me. I’m a firm believer in keeping my eyes on the prize that I love to know. Everything else fades in the background and the on I love, is number one before my eyes.

In dating, being FORMAL or INFORMAL behavior is up to the couple. It’s a pleasure knowing dressing up together to go out in public and acting formal. And there’s pleasure in dressing down. The main focus is pleasing each other and seeing which format suits each other. It’s nice after a night out to compliment each other about the suit or the dress the partner was wearing. Sharing compliments is always health in a relationship. Although, there will be criticisms, it’s always healthier to compliment.

In dating, finding the compatible person for you is a job required by both partners. Working on fitting together is the business of both parties. You must get along in order to be compatible. Finding equal grounds is the success between two persons.

Happy dating and enjoy one another. There’s no need to be pressured into a sexual relationship with compatibility. You can’t let unprotected sex and conception be the only factors in having the relationship.

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