Dating a Scorpio Man: Tips on How to Attract Mr. Right

February 11, 2009 by Hannah Ang  
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Attracted to a Mr. Scorpio? Find out how to get his attention.

Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio men are the most misunderstood. Dating a Scorpio man gives any woman a chance to a relationship which is full of passion and intensity, a relationship any female are bound not to forget.

Dating a Scorpio man can give any female an unforgettable experience. Just like any other man, he always keeps his true feelings and emotions to himself and will not tell his partner that he is feeling lonely and unfulfilled. If you are dating a Scorpio man, always keep in mind that you should not play with his feelings. If you do not intend to have a close intimate relationship with him, then do not lead him to this idea. Although a Scorpio is very easy to handle, he is also very possessive and won’t tolerate any woman to have power over him. For a fruitful relationship, let your Scorpio boy lead your romance. When you are with him, you can always be assured that you are safe for they are very good protector. You will always enjoy every minute you spend with him because a Scorpio man can seldom go wrong with his plans.

Another characteristic of a Scorpio is their possibility to be moody at times. So if you are dating a Scorpio man, be sure that you can withstand this kind of attitude. Do not nag on him about his attitude for he too is confused about his emotions. Despite his bad side, you should treat him well and make him feel that he is very special to you, for he is one jealous man. if you are with him, do not be so sentimental and mushy over little things for these are one of the many things a Scorpio man despises. And of course, you have to always watch what you say or do because he is very sensitive and fragile.

If you plan to win your Scorpio man’s heart, then here are a few ways on how you will be able to do it :

  • Don’t play games with the Scorpio. Do not try to fool him for he can be very unforgivable when he is mad.
  • For a successful relationship, always stay honest to your man. He will appreciate you more if you tell him what you truly feel or what you are currently thinking.
  • Be open with him; speak up what is on your mind.
  • Do not control them, they are very possessive at times and you may not like it when he gets mad.

Dating a Scorpio man could be either a heaven or hell experience. If you just know how to play your cards right, then things will never go wrong. Male Scorpios are one of the most exciting and unique creatures God ever made. Being with one is like an exciting love experience that you are sure to enjoy. Although a relationship with him have the tendency to go wrong at some point in time, just be patient and do not go with his anger. Just enjoy the flow of your relationship and strive to achieve a fruitful one.

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18 Responses to “Dating a Scorpio Man: Tips on How to Attract Mr. Right”
  1. georgiegirll Says:

    Good read,. you were dead on with this one. I’m madly in love with a scorpio and it’s like you were describing his every action.

  2. taurusfemme Says:

    Very true what you wrote as I am dating one…BUT I must re-emphasize how moody, controlling, contradicting, hot/cold scorpio males can be at times. The best way to deal with all these negative qualities is not to react but ignore. Sometimes they purposefully test you with their moodiness to see if they can provoke you to an extreme…no matter how much they will not admit it, scorpios actually create the drama they claim they try to avoid. They like intensity and thus, drama tends to be involved.

  3. feline Says:

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  4. canceriancrush Says:

    Taursfemme…omg. u are sooooo on target. I think I understand him now. Thx a million.

  5. Lala Says:

    I’m being ignoed by one,
    what did I do?
    I hardly know scorp
    but I want to.
    The only conversation we had was on net that pretty much asking how you were doing and what your up to but that’s bout it, the conversation stops there.
    Being a scorp myself I’m confused about it ay…..
    Maybe he thinks I’m weird
    I duno :(

    he goes offline when I
    have just hoped on.
    A write to him and he ignores than hops offline.
    Later on I go on line than he’s online and than
    I think…..whatever so I get offline as quick as I can.
    I’m confused : /
    us scorps are difficult

  6. Kate Says:

    Lala, time to move on. Your Scorpio man already did, now its your turn.

  7. Virgo lady Says:

    The Scorpio guy I’m seeing wants me to take the lead and show him how to have a relationship? hahaha, what’s going on?

  8. pisces Says:

    I’m a Pisces woman, and my Scorpio likes the idea of me dominating him in bed.. should i be cautious when doing this?

  9. carmen Says:

    I’ve met this scorpio male and he’s almost perfect! I am a virgo and we are really picky!! I’ve slept with him a couple of times and he is super affectionate and very passionate. The sex was amazing, its definitely true what they say about scorpios!! The first week after we met, we always texted and he would call me. But now its only me who is initiating the texts, and he hasnt responded to one of my texts :( I don’t want to seem desperate or chase him but I’m still interested in him. Should I give him time, its only been two days since we last texted each other lol has he lost interest in me?

  10. kusu Says:

    he wants to control your emotions and drive you insane

  11. Virgo_gal Says:

    I agree to taurusfemme totaly. I’m a virgo and my scorpio man is doing exactly the same. My life has been a roller coaster ride wit him. First I was loving it now I m scared. I’ve seen all extremes in him from love till anger. The problem is I m falling more for him and feeling its love. Plz help me.

  12. AriesDiamond Says:

    Sorry for typos and missed words can barely see on this iPhone on what I typed lol

  13. Jazmine Says:

    I dont get it, ppl say their deep nd emotional and sentimental but dispise mushy things nd all lovey dovey? So thts like a conttradiction, is it not? And ive read beforr tht scorp guys hate public displays of affection nd act all cool nd dry in front of people but i dont get it bcuz if hes so passionate nd stuff shouldnt he like tht stuff? Explain the phycology behind this to me pl lol. Another question is tht when he trys to pik fights with u shud u fight back nd be all dramstic or say nothiing nd try to make him feel like an ass or cry and act all hurt or laugh it off nd try to make him feel stupid? Which one? How do u get him to think “wow , shes really something” and have him running back? How do u fufil his phycological needs?

  14. stevo1 Says:

    @ Jazmine, trying to make him look like an ass or make him feel stupid is one of the worst things you can ever do to him. hes gonna sting back because in his nature and in his mind he has to win. i know you really wanna get to him and show your presence but the only way you can do this is avoid fights by remaining calm, show him that you are somewhat hurt but you will gracefully and Submittingly move on. show him respect, if you respect him, he’ll respect you more. it seems the reason why your having these fights is because you want to prove your point, but try to do it in the ways that i have suggested you’ll be surprised by the results.

  15. Jazmine Says:

    So when we fighting and hes yelling i shud just not raise my voice, give him a disapointed look and say something like” oh okay i see how is, thanks a lot and say i dont have time for petty fights and wont tolerate being distespected and just wallk away with my hed held high and then hell feel childish, immature and ashamed? Is tht wut u mean?

  16. jessica Says:

    he is a colouge,scorpio,friendly,popular,gr8 with girls, we were good colouges,but all of a sudden things changed btw us..the way he looked at me n talked changed,i recieved more messages n call ,suddenly we were more like good friends,he became more concerned n helpful,n things started to change we both are now to part as we both have resigned from this place n moving our own direction..for further future..n suddenly he is shut..he still talks n teases but it\’s not the same as it became in btw…m unable to understand him…he\’s just passing time he\’s quiet frenly with girls..then why did i feel what i felt..n somewhere i still feel that he\’s hiding something..or is it just my feelings overpowering me for him..can anyone help??

  17. Melinda Says:

    Im dating a Scorp….. His ex im’ed and told me not to be hinting on him, even though he tottaly persude me, after that little incident I made the mistake of telling him what happend, He told me that she was his ex and if he wanted to talk with her he wouldn’t be talking to me, He told me to just put her on ignore, and so I did. after returning he left me a messge saying he was tired and he would talk to m e the next day… needless to say I heard nothing from him for eleven day ( was nearly at wits end…. crying on and off every day cause I had really fallen in love with him and he said he was deeply in love with me) He tried to tell me that he had been away I saw where he had supposedly loged on and posted updates on Facebook every day (But than again you can log into facebook under anyones name) I left him messeges, but never got anything back, Anyways hen he returned, everything was cool like nothing never happend and has been that way since since the 19 of march, I admitted to him that I cried off and on for those eleven days, because I thought I had hurt him. Recently he asked me how would I love to one day have his last name, Now here’s the irony in it all…. I had been thinking about this for awhile before he even made mention of it so it was a heck of a shock that he brought it up, And he made mention that he was so tempted to propose to me, I told him I’d settle for a promise ring. I have yet to figure out why he just went ghostly for those eleven days… perhaps it was as mentioned above to test how extremely emotional id get. Here’s another thing that has me baffled, We were talking a few nights back and he has given me complete control of the relationship, I read when a scor gives the control to his subordinate it’s because he has a certin goal that he wants to see met.. but what goat that is I dunno. He has asked me about sex but im very apprehensive…. Im scared of being used and left to hurt, could this be why he has given me the control over the relationship. He’s not forcefull and dosn’t seem to dominate me at all.

  18. Being_emo_scorpio_sux Says:

    Scorpio Men, God’s way to say…”You think you women have the throne of being emotional? Guess again…”

    Now that’s some backfiring….

    btw, when you fell like you are being tested by a scorpio, you are….because only people who pass those tests, show their loyalty, their character…only they can have the full heart of a scorpio. DO NOT PLAY WITH THAT HEART, if that heart is hurt/removed in some way, you remove it’s humanity and he will demand blood for blood…
    So if you cheat, you can bet that scorpio will do anything to make you feel the same pain that they feel, and if that includes banging your Mom, Best friends and so on…..

    Enough of all the doomtalk….if your man moody, just give him kiss, show him love, 5 mins later he might be all that good again…Love through think and thin is our weakness.

    Btw, when moody and quiet, the “Good” guy in scorpio is actually protecting you from being hurt, so above will definitly work ;)

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