Cheating: From a Man’s Perspective

April 19, 2008 by Andrew Tate III  
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Why a man cheats, and how to fix it.

Why do guys cheat? That seems to be the question for the day. I might get in trouble for this inside information, but I feel the ladies need to hear it from a guy’s perspective.

I can by no means answer this for every man, because the reasons for infidelity are too vast to represent properly, but I can give some insight from a guy’s view. In order to really understand why a man does what he does, we must first look at the root of the problem.

By growing up in an urban area, it is taught as a young boy to get all the girls that you can get before you are tied down. It starts out at the school dance to see who can get the most phone numbers by the end of the dance. Thus, the playa trend begins. Many men sit around and brag about all the women that they have been with. The more women that you have had, the better you status is amongst your friends. This is where the seed is planted.

Most men cheat not because they don’t love the person that they are with, but a lot of times, it’s the thrill of the hunt.” A man’s makeup is to conquer, and are always looking for something to go after. That’s why it’s important when you are in a relationship to keep it exciting on both ends. It’s not just the woman’s job to keep her man happy, but also the same responsibility is on the man.

I have been with my wife for 21 years, and when our relationship was in the early stages, I was unfaithful during the time that she was pregnant with our first daughter. It wasn’t that I didn’t love her, but I had a insatiable sexual appetite, and I had women of all types coming after me, and vice versa. In my mind, I was still young and didn’t have a desire to be in a relationship, because I was having too much fun. So I thought, but I was hurting the one who loved me the most.

Plus, I was afraid to commit because in a previous relationship, when I got too involved, I was hurt, and that was the real problem. Ladies, when you get involved with a guy, make sure that there are no lingering baggage from a previous relationship.

Here are some things that I advise to keep your man coming after you:

  1. Respect Him

    When a woman respects her man, there’s nothing that a real man won’t do for you. A man will leave a woman that loves him for one that respects him. A man’s ego is very fragile. Don’t let the hard exterior fool you. Build him up, even when he makes a mess of things.

  2. Look Your Best

    A man loves for his woman to look good. I’m not saying have makeup on 24/7, but when you go out, go out stunning. You are an extension of us, and we want all the guys to envy us when we’re together. We love to brag about how beautiful you are.

  3. Change Up

    Every now and then change your hairstyle. Try a different hair color, a new perfume, or a new skimpy outfit for around the house. Remember we are sight stimulated, and we love variety.

  4. Tame Us

    Make love to us consistently, so we’re too tired to even think about looking for something else. We also love to role play. We love a lady in public, but a freak in private.

These are just a few things that have worked for me and my wife, but you do what’s best for you and your man. Don’t give up on love, because it’s a wonderful thing, but you have to work at it. Remember there is no perfect man, but you can train us to be what you want in a man, if you put the time in.

It works because as I stated earlier, I’ve been with my wife for 21 years, and we’ve been married 19 of those years, and I’m only 39. I love her more now than I’ve ever have before, and that love continues to grow more and more each day.

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