Bitter Truth!

October 21, 2013 by pratzz  
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A satire on Indian society.


A question on girl’s morality;

“Are you pure?” asked the guy who came to see Naina for marraige.

“Pure?”, Naina couldn’t get his question. “Pure as in untouched?”, he clarified.

Naina now understood what he wanted to ask,

“What are you looking for, a girl to marry or ghee?” She replied, agitated by such a question.

He was shocked by such a reply. But before he could say anything, she continued, “Well, you can say if there was an exam about “PURITY”, i wouldn’t top it. 

His family left. Next day he rang up Naina’s dad and told him that he cannot marry Naina as she is a girl with low morals. 


Welcome to the progressive India, where we claim to be modern, but people still make virginity a base to check a girl’s morals or her capabitlies to become a good wife. Today, when we claim that women have equal status in the society with that of men, we still are under the orthodox views of using a white bed sheet on the first night of marraige, just to check the bride’s virginity!!

The guy may himself have slept with a number of girls but


wants a ‘pure’, ‘untouched’ girl as a wife.



Just to satisfy his male ego, that the girl he is going to spent his life with has been and will only be his possession.

If today a girl looses her virginity to a guy she loves truly, but the guy turns out to be a cheat, then she is tagged as a S*** or a characterless girl? MIND YOU, these being the most decent words i can pen down, else there are million more worse words in out vocabulary.

I ask, “what is the mistake of a girl?”, she loved the guy? She slept with someone she thought she would marry? And again no answers could i get!!

I completely support the fact that we Indians should not give up on our morals and accept everything that modernisation gives us.

I mean, Naina could have been a great wife, she was marrying a guy her parents chose.

Maybe she had a bad past, but all that was seen was that she wasn’t pure.

And i’m forced to wonder what would have happened to the rape victims? 

Yes, i’m also a girl, an Indian girl, who values her morales, for whom her respect is priceless. Who has always dreamt of her Prince coming on a white horse to marry her and who has always planned her wedding dress, but i’m also a girl who belongs to the globalized world, interacts with the opposite gender, loves, had breakup, overcame it and smile again. And no one has the right to tag me anything for that reason.

I request that next time you look for a girl, search for a true heart and not something like ghee, because she is gonna be your life partner and not your meal to satisfy the hunger of your ego.

When a girl leaves her world behind to become a part of your world, accept her and make her life a bed of roses rather than testing her loyalty. 

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