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August 25, 2012 by tonyleather  
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Practising these actions makes it so that they end up being second nature, and your social and sex lives become everything you always wanted.

If you know nothing of how to handle yourself, how can you  be the girl you want to be, she that turns heads on entering a room, but there is a way, because all it takes is practice in doing the right things. Adopting the stance of open body language makes you seem to be oozing confidence, even when you are anything but, and a positive, optimistic attitude sends out positive subliminal messages in waves.

Getting into anyone’s heart is not difficult with the right approach and attitude, not just on the romance front, but also in boosting your own  so-called likeability factor, making contact with friends, job interviews and other important occasions that much more pleasant all round. Body language reflects personality, so put a smile on your face and watch people assuming that you are happy person.

To lead them to believe that you are confident, always gesticulate and maintain eye contact, because although what lies beneath is important, , first impressions count a lot. This means that looking right helps a potential date to decide to stick around, strangers making their minds up about you within 10 seconds, so from the moment you enter a room, you have to give out the right signals. 

To achieve the desired effect, pause on entry to the room, head held high and shoulders back, letting friends go in before you, then lazily scanning the room, and letting all potential dates/new friends get a good look at you. You know you look  your best, so make eye contact with the person closest to you and smile, then, and not before heading for the centre of the room, knowing all eyes are on you.

For most worthwhile results, you should give off a friendly and approachable persona, not just by by smiling at, but also looking directly at the person you find of interest. Reinforce the signals by turning your body towards them, and bear in mind that if someone is looking directly at you and smiling, this isvery promising.

On the other hand, anybody not welcoming advances from others will be standing with arms folded, or holding glass or handbag as if it were a shield, whilst those who have arms uncrossed, legs apart and bodies turned towards the crowd are most likely to get chatted up. Remember also that a good ploy is to standing relax, and point a finger at a particular part of your body.

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    Interesting and a pretty indepth message about body language!

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    Nice work Tony, I really this one…Thanx!!

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    This is such a wonderful writing thanks :

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    very interesting article

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    well I am past the head turner stage…was fun reading this though! great share

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