Bartenders are Not for Me

March 10, 2013 by Abbie King  
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Three Reasons I stay away from bartenders.

I have nothing against bartenders. In fact I find bartenders very cute and attractive. I also think bar owners look for cute bartenders to attract customers which I to my little unofficial research is a very successful tactic to those who apply it. In the same lines of thinking, I decided I will never(God help me) date a bartender and here are my reasons.

1.       A bartender is the one person everyone opens up to

Bartenders meet all kinds of people, the happy and the sad ones. Bars are places where people go to relieve their stresses or simply to celebrate. This means that when people get drunk, the closest person they will reveal their happiness or frustrations to, is the bartender. Even when people go to the bar in groups, bartenders still get the benefit of over-hearing things.

Here comes the problem, I need attention, in fact full attention when in a relationship. Given all the issues he hears in his work, I wonder if a bartender partner would take my issues seriously. It kind of feels normal for a bartender to hear of issues and take them lightly since the issues come and go daily.

2.       A bartender keeps many secrets for many people

Bartender gets to hear so many secrets. Bartenders, especially in small towns know almost everyone and everything about everyone. Have you ever heard how if you ever get lost, all you need to do is get into the closets inn? Knowing so much about everyone and managing to hush, I wonder how many of his own secrets he will keep from me


3.       A bartender meets all the beautiful girls everyday

The other day I was sitting at the bar counter having a drink. Frankly the bartender was so cute I was almost losing it. Suddenly, this really beautiful girl arrives and she went and gave a huge kiss (on the cheek, but still it got me jealous) to the bartender. There was nothing going on between me and the bartender but I was slowly developing a crush on him so you can imagine what that girl’s actions did to me.

Bartenders meet all the beautiful girls, the single and the lonely ones. What shall I wear, how many surgeries would I need to have or how nude will I have to get to please him because seriously some of the girls they see on daily basis, are almost naked except for a few inches of clothes.

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3 Responses to “Bartenders are Not for Me”
  1. Jswana Says:

    I feel ya on this one. I myself would be so OUT of the race.. Seriously, you’re right in many respects but you know something, this becomes so routine (the so-called beauties), you wonder if this does really affect a man as much as you think. Sometimes we can be surprised at what a man really and truly wants and it may not be half-nakedness, superficial beauty and boobie jobs but other kinds of beauty. Besides men do look inside as well. I’m hoping all I say is true LOL. Nice read. I have to bookmark this one! :)

  2. RBB1010 Says:

    I think, when true love is found even if a bartender, you both will know it. Thanks for a very good share.

  3. Abbie King Says:

    Yes true love always wins, but eesh, I’d die of jealousy

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