Asking for a Date

April 8, 2010 by yomang  
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Asking for a date.

Once you meet a woman and get her mobile number you plan to ask for a date. Asking the woman for going out becomes a big issue for most of the men. Many are so freaked out that it becomes too difficult to even call her.

In most of the cases men fear a possible rejection. Women are subtle in their dealings with men. So, if they are not very interested in a date with men they make some excuses or say something like “I am busy this week” or “give me a call on Friday” etc., etc. The solution of the problem is to create so much chemistry with her in the first meeting that she is willing to meet you again easily. Even if you are feeling nervous to call her, try to calm down as your nervousness will show to her when you talk on phone. Be prepared for the worst ever situation.

It is important to not give too much importance to any woman you have recently met. You can give so much importance only to the woman who is special in your life and who you have been dating for many months. Don’t get freaked out about a new girl in your life. Men get more nervous dealing with a new girl when they know by gut feeling that they are not able to attract many women. Don’t create this situation. Improve your personality so that you are able to attract any woman. That confidence will make you stronger in dealing with a new one you meet.

Don’t focus too much on a single woman if you are not in a steady relationship. If you are single and not in a relationship then try to date as many woman as you like. You should be loyal to a woman only if you have selected her as the special person in your life and have been dating her for a long time.

If you are single try to meet many women and get their contact numbers and call them all for dates. Don’t freak out thinking you need to impress them. Don’t have too much of expectations. Before calling a woman think about the worst ever situation. It will make you relax. While talking to her feel as if you are in the control of the situation. Don’t be weak or submissive. Better still, instead of asking her for going out with you just say that you are going for some fun event and ask if she is willing to come along. Call and ask some other woman if this one is not ready for a date.

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