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April 9, 2013 by Fblaster  
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A few tips to approaching and getting to know that girl who has catched your eye, but you have no idea how to get to know.

So you have been falling apart for that girl who makes your heart beat faster, but can’t seem to know how to approach her? Perhaphs you just don’t know what to say, or how to act? Well my friend, if you don’t do anything, it’s not likely someone will do! So starting next time you’re with her, these actions will make it more likely you get noticed positively.

1 – Look her in the eyes!

I can’t stress enough how important this is. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If you believe in this, a simple look can tell her you are interested. Not a creepy look, or a snobby look… just a plain look into her eyes, honest, simple. That will get her attention for sure. You can do it a few times, so she’ll know it was not by accident, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll just end up looking like a stalker!

Chances are, she’ll just look away the first few times. People are shy when it comes to looking directly into eachother’s eyes. If she ends up looking back at yours unafraid, that’s a very good sign for you.

2 – She’s taking the first step?

It may happen she takes the first step after that. She might come to you and ask what you are looking at, or why you are looking. This is not very likely to happen, but it’s always a possibility.

In this case, be honest and mainly, humble. Tell her you were just distracted because you thought she is very beautifull. She will not be expecting that type of honesty for sure, but I can assure you she will enjoy it. Wether they admit it or not, every girl loves a honest compliment.

3 – But I don’t have any topic to approach her!

Well, this situation is the more likely and the most complicated to solve. How can you approach the girl you fancy if you have never officially met her?

Well, for starters you should make sure she KNOWS you’re the least into her. The staring game is a good move for that. That way, when you try to approach her she will know you are interested, not just some random guy who suddenly decided to awkwardly approach her.

Now, the topic. This is tricky. You can do either one of two things. If you know someone in common, it all becomes very easy. Just ask that person to arrange a casual talk involving her. If you don’t, you’ll have to risk it all out, and ask her for a coffee, or something like that. The answer might vary extremely, but it will be a clear indication that she does or does not have interest in getting to know you.

4 – From there on.

After you have had your first encounter, it will be clear wether you’re both interested or not. From there on, arrange a date, and according to her responses take things faster or slower. But keep one thing in mind. If she doesn’t seem to be that much interested into you, it might be worth it to stop for a while and ponder wether she’s worth it, and do you really like this girl enough to go against the tide. Some girls just won’t be into you, and that’s for sure. In cases like this, forcing anything will mostly cause you grief, so you have to make sure you WANT a future with this person to keep going and insisting. But that’s a whole other topic.

Well, and that’s it from me. I really hope these tips work for you, to finally get to know that special girl (or just the next one). I know they have worked for me several times. But at the end of the day, it’s always up to you. Probably the most important tip I can give you is this: staying here, reading tips on the computer, isn’t going to get you anywhere with your crush! Keep that in mind ;)

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