American Idol: Sudden Death for Men, Part 1

February 22, 2013 by fifileigh  
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Thursday, February 21, 2013.

First Round: Each man takes his turn performing before a live audience as well as the four judges. Afterward each performance, each judge gives each man feedback.

Paul, JDA and Johnny are the first three men to perform for the judges, and they each get mixed feedback. Kevin also gets mixed feedback. Chris Watson, a twenty-five-year-old singer/waiter, has the look. All the judges love him, but mostly for his personality, charm, looks and fashion style as well as ability to express pain and struggle in his singing. Eighteen-year-old Devin is a high school student from Chicago. He works part time at a coffeehouse. The judges love his voices, especially when he sang in Spanish. Twenty-two-year-old Elijah is Mexican/Chinese as well as the fifth kid of six kids in his family. He is also a college student. The judges love him because he looks like a fashionable pop star. The judges love Charlie’s performance because of his originality and Rock Star look. They even add that he could be the love child of Freddie Mercury and someone from the Woodstock Generation. After the Jimmy Smith, a social worker, performs, the judges state that they like him, but it just wasn’t his best performance. Curtis, a twenty-five-year-old tutor in a Charter School, was raised singing gospel in church. The judges love him because of his beautiful voice, which sounds similar to Luther Vandross.

Sudden Death Round:

Curtis steps up first. The judges tell him that he will continue on his American Idol journey. But Jimmy and Kevin are eliminated. Elijah makes it to the next level of American Idol, but JDA, dressed in shiny silver high-heel pumps and makeup, doesn’t make it. Paul gets mixed feedback, and the judges had a hard time deciding whether they should eliminate him or let him go through to the next stage. Two of the judges liked him, and the other two didn’t like his performance. Jimmy from TMZ steps in as the tie-breaker. He states that Paul sings well, but he over-sang the song as well as the song he chose was the wrong song choice for him. He gives Paul another chance and lets him go through to the next stage in the contestant selection process. Chris is eliminated, but Charlie makes it. Johnny is eliminated, but Devin makes it.

Tune in next week for the second set of ten women and ten men who will perform in the Sudden Death Round, in order to eliminate another five women and five men.

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