7 Things You Don’t Tell Your Boyfriend

June 2, 2008 by Ronnie Dauber  
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Sometimes there are things that your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear.

You might think that keeping an open mind and telling your boyfriend everything about you is a good thing, but there are some things that you should keep to yourself. Here are seven big ones.

Never tell him how much you really spend on makeup.

I think it would shock most of us if we could actually calculate just how much money we’ve spent over the years in our efforts to look good. Yet, as alarming as that may be, I’m also sure that most of us would do it again. But since most guys blindly like to think that we are just naturally beautiful, why burst their bubble.

Never reveal your real size or how much you weigh.

Most guys have no idea about clothes sizes or weight – until you bring it up and then they subconsciously start comparing you to Hollywood or magazine covers. So, if you want to keep his interest, don’t redirect it by forcing him to compare you to others.

Never tell him how he compares with your ex.

Probably most of what you would say is true – that’s he so much better, moving loving, more considerate – but no guy wants to think that he has to compete for your affection even if there is obviously no competition.

Never say that an assistant at work wears cologne that excites you, and then not say what it is.

Most guys like to be the only one that excites their girl, and by telling him that some guy at work smells fantastic, it could knock down his ego or make him feel inferior. If you want him to excite you with that same fragrance, then either buy it for him or tell him what it is so he can get it and wear it for you.

Never suggest that he dress as sexy as your co-worker.

Many guys don’t take hints to improve their appearance, and it could be a kick at their ego to suggest that they dress like someone else. However, you could go shopping with him and tactfully suggest that a shirt (the same as your co-worker wears) on the store manikin would look great on him.

Never give him all the details of the office Christmas party.

Whether the future of your relationship has been determined or not, it’s still a work in process, and you may have more fun at the work Christmas party than he may anticipate. While it may be an exciting time to record in your memoirs, it might not be the thing that he wants to write down in his. Some things are left better unsaid.

Never tell him that his dad is the sexiest guy you ever saw.

Some guys have dads that stir our thoughts of physical passion and create in us moments of lustful excitement. But telling a guy that his dad is one of those men might not be the thing that a young guy trying to impress his girlfriend wants to hear. It’s a good reason to never bring you back to his house.

When you don’t tell him everything, that doesn’t mean that you are hiding anything or being deceitful. It just means that a little discretion, an heir of appeal and a suggestion of the mysterious is a better way to capture his interest.

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8 Responses to “7 Things You Don’t Tell Your Boyfriend”
  1. neelam pandey Says:

    really a wonderful piece of information…thanx for sharing….

  2. Belinda Says:

    Haha true.

  3. Lin Says:

    yay now i know how to scare my bf away

  4. SD Says:

    Im not sure how relavent the make up thing is…lol but the rest is good advice! Thanks!

  5. jazzbabe Says:

    wow this is such bolcrap?! lmao i have abf i tell all this too and he still thinks im perfect…even calls me his angel lol a real man would think ur beautiful no matter what and well if ur that \”excited by a coworker…lol no he doesnt want to hear that cause think about it..would u? its stupid dont be a whore/flirt and be honest and if hes any kind of decent at all hell like/love u for who/what are not who/what u try to be.

  6. Somebody Says:

    I had a girlfriend who hid her weight and her size from me, that was a turn-off. I broke up with her months later.

  7. chris Says:

    You’re kidding, right? how exactly are you planning to hide your weight/size from your boyfriend. I can dance with you once and know within 5 lbs. Most of the other stuff in here is a good way to lose a guy – by all means, lie and deceive in hopes of presenting the perfect image instead of actually being genuine, then wonder why your relationships don’t last.

    The crack about male ego is always priceless, given the rampant female insecurity in the article.

  8. Abbi Says:

    Ha? Why would u tell him that his dad is the sexiest guy u ever seen? Thats stupid every girl knows that your not sopose to tell him that… And if theres girls that do that well,, theyre just girls who have no sense of humor!

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