14 Symptoms That Say You’re Completely Lovesick

November 20, 2008 by CutestPrincess  
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Him, he, his – that’s all that comes out of your mouth!

1. Your smile. It never leaves your lips. You sleep with a grin on your face and wake up still smiling! What’s wrong with you!?

2. All of a sudden, you’re dressing up for trips to the basketball court. He could be there playing ball for the village league, you know.

3. You start practicing your signature with the Boy’s last name to see if its sound’s nice with your first name.

4. And yes, you begin to refer to your guy as The Boy every time you talk about him–which is all the time!

5. You get excited every time your phone beeps because you keep hoping it’s him.

6. Ticket stubs, candy wrappers, and restaurants receipts are memory markers that go straight into your scrapbook.

7. Your YM status is always some “meaningful” song lyric dedicated to The Boy.

8. More important, you can relate to every kind of love song ever written. “Oh, that’s so our song!”

9. Goodbye is also known as half an hour after saying “goodbye” — when you actually put the phone down.

10. The back of your notebook is filled with hearts and his name. You unconsciously doodle while you daydream.

11. Every single tidbit of info about The Boy takes on new meaning. He loves the rain? So do you! You’re so meant for each other!

12. Him, he, his–that’s all that comes out of your mouth!

13. You and The Boy are known as an entity now. You know, like Zanessa or Bragelina.

14. You suddenly realize that The Boy is more interesting than, oh I don’t know, your self?

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19 Responses to “14 Symptoms That Say You’re Completely Lovesick”
  1. yeah.. Says:

    this.. is asinine.

  2. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Very cute article*



    -Liane Schmidt.

  3. Shell Says:

    These are good symptoms in a way. lol What are the bad ones?!

  4. DA Cournean Says:

    Ah Love!

  5. Melody SJAL Says:

    Nice :)

  6. Dundas20012002 Says:

    You missed the boat on this one Cutie.

  7. Mamfi Says:

    i have everything.. my boyfriend is AMAZING, i cry when i put the phone down, i was getting stressed about what happenes when we leave school.. and he said to me ‘ill support you through anything’ and i burst out crying,, and now ive started again.. it seems that everything he does i subconciencely do it too.. i like everything he likes even if i didnt like it before i like it now and thts not deliberate.. every song i ever listen to makes me think about him.. im scared that if i do anything wrong hes gona hate me.. but he doesnt.. his hugs make me feel as though im on top of the world and his kisses make me feel as though nothing else in the entire world matters other than us..
    i think im in love

  8. SEVDA Says:

    well me and my frend read this article and we think that its sooo tru this is love!!! if these are the symptoms we are in LOVEE!!!!

  9. gucci jewellery Says:

    romantic nice :)

  10. Aimi Says:

    these are all the good symptoms, wat about the bad?

  11. destiney Says:

    all i can do is smile draw his name daydream us 2 2gether and i scream inside or else i’ll say i love him when he talks to me

  12. destiney Says:

    all i can do is smile draw his name daydream us 2 2gether and i scream inside or else i\’ll say i love him when he talks to me


    i always thinking about that person and it hurts me a lot knowing that that person and i will never ever be….and i’m happy when that person smiles at me and spend time with me….. is this what you call love?

  14. yeon Says:

    lol..that is so true!!

  15. Dominique Says:

    I think I just fell in love. The only problem is that I don’t see him that often but when I see him….*.*
    However, I do also love the articlel, verry true!!

  16. Kate Says:

    I’ve just started talking to a guy and seeing him and we are both in our late 20’s. I feel like I did when I was in high school again. Giddy, smiling, shy and cheeky. It’s so nice to get those feelings and attention from a guy again even later in life.

    We live an hour and a half away so dont get to see each other yet so you could cut the tension with a knife. Makes me feel soooo happy and like a love sick fool hahaha. I think you know when you dont wanna eat that your in love.. or lust

  17. Edward Rollins Says:

    I recently started going back to church being asked by a women 1 year older than I am. We are middle aged. One thing she is 50 and I am 49 she is a widow and I am have been single all this time. I need to know how truthful this “LOVE SICK” is.
    I have had all the symptoms lose of appetite,lose of sleep, and above all crying my eyes out for 4 days straight. And now it is driving me crazy. How do you know if it is the right one or not?

  18. Mitchell Says:

    Lol woah.. I have like 13 out of the 15 symptoms out there.. Except that it’s ’she, her and her’

  19. Missing Him Says:

    I was giggling in shock at how these symptoms hit home! And now I miss my boo-bear even more…

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