12 Tips to Improve Your Relationship

January 23, 2009 by Hitch  
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Your relationship is not like it used to be. Find out how you can turn your relationship into a great experience by understanding the 12 emergency tips for better relationships.

Have you made some blunders lately that need to be fixed?  Or do you think there’s room for improvement in your relationship?  If that’s so you should start using the 12 magic tips.  Unfortunately there’s no Harry’s magic wand included, but the tips work fast and pain-free.

Our job, studying, our parents and friends are just a few factors that influence the relationship with our partner on a daily basis. It isn’t easy to keep a relationship as fresh and vivid as it was in the beginning.

When you feel your relationship is not working properly or when you are out of ideas just start using these emergency tips.

1. Wake up the team spirit!

Your boyfriend/husband knows better than you how important is the team spirit (guess what he learns watching all that sports channels) and if you can convince him that you make a team competing with other teams then things will become much easier.

Turn your relationship into an exciting game, and you’ll begin to see the improvements.

2. Get involve in your relationship!

Too often we ask for our partner to do things that we never even try doing. Stop that! Just take matters into your own hands. Follow your goals and expect him to give you only what you know he can offer.

3. Sex, please!

I know it’s not easy to be a sex-queen after working 10 straight hours, fighting with traffic and washing the dishes but he isn’t a god either. Sex can be relaxing and refreshing so don’t avoid it without a good reason.

4. Get it right with the right one!

What does that mean? It means that your so called perfect partner might not think that you are his perfect partner. So before starting to use any emergency methods to revive the relationship ask yourself if it worths the try.

5.  The “Hello” day

Your relationship is not some sort of method to glue you and him up together like two siameses brothers. On the contrary, let him go out for a beer with his friends and give yourself a few hours of shopping with the girls. There will be days when you just say hello to him. The time spent apart will give more value to the moments when you’re together.

6. Lose your fears

You can’t get rid of something you fear, so lose your fears by facing them. The more worries you have the greater your chances are to make them a reality.  It’s futile to imagine how bad things can become, just stick to what’s real now.

7. it’s because I work too much!

We all work about 40 hours per week or more but working is not the bad serial killer murdering our relationships. It’s not the working itself but our impossibility to forget about the job matters once we leave the office.

8. Talk about you and about us

Talk to him and let him open up his heart. For men is harder to talk about their feelings so you have to make him trust you and don’t criticize him after he confessed something.

9. Lose the pretty-pretties

In every relationship there’s some jiggery-pokery things, some small details that bother everyone that must be removed and nobody mentions about them. The same way you clean-up your house for Christmas find and get rid of the pretty-pretties from your relationship.

10. Regret nothing!

Maybe you said something wrong or maybe you did some wrong choices but finally they are all a part of you. It doesn’t have to be such a big problem.

11. No ex-boyfriends!

Forget about the past, it’s gone now. Thinking about your past relationships will diminish the magic of your present relationship. It doesn’t worth it.

12. Smile

Do you remember how often you were smiling in the beginning of your relationship? That smile made him fall for you. I challenge you to smile more often.

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