12 Signs That Your Boyfriend is a Creep

March 3, 2009 by Steven West  
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Your boyfriend has started acting immature. He is less affectionate to you. In some instances, he is downright nasty. Here are twelve signs that your boyfriend is a creep.

  1. Your boyfriend spends all his spare money on beer and cigarettes. He rarely takes you out to the restaurant or out dancing.
  2. Your boyfriend expects you to cook all his meals. He complains that he has a hard job and that you should be happy waiting on him at his slightest whim.
  3. Your boyfriend buys a motorcycle. He takes your best friend on his first ride. He starts telling you how hot your best friend is.
  4. Your boyfriend starts slapping you with a towel when you get out of a shower. He thinks that it’s really funny. You are not amused.
  5. Your boyfriend orders a five-course meal at a fancy restaurant. He expects that you’ll just have a salad because you have to watch your weight.
  6. Your boyfriend starts making farting sounds with his hands. He does this frequently right in your face.
  7. Your boyfriend complains that your hair looks like one big bird’s nest. He starts making stupid birdcalls whenever you’re around.
  8. Your boyfriend leaves a stack of dirty dishes for you to clean. He promises to do his share by dusting off his trophies from all the swimming meets that he has won.
  9. Your boyfriend starts making kissing sounds in the school hallways. He tells all his buddies about his sexual adventurers with you.
  10. Your boyfriend cheats on his test by looking at yours. Both of you end up getting a 0 for cheating.
  11. Your boyfriend stops using deodorant. He stops taking showers. He is just grungy looking. He backs out of his dates with you and complains about your weight gain.
  12. Your boyfriend buys a gun and shows it off to you. He then spends half the day polishing it. He then remarks that his gun is the most beautiful thing in the world.
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2 Responses to “12 Signs That Your Boyfriend is a Creep”
  1. C. S. Robins Says:

    haha I like that! My boyfriend now looks like the perfect man after reading that

  2. mike Says:

    lol how old is your boyfriend lol?

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