10 Tell-tale Signs That He’s Interested

January 20, 2008 by PrinceOfPersia  
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You’ve been staring at him from behind locker doors and across the cafeteria for the last ten years. He winks at you and his muscles are a killer. But is he really into you? Instead of daydreaming about your wedding and kids, pay attention to his body language and comments and find out if he’s for real.

1. Does he ignore you when his friends are around?

If he does, it’s a sign that he may like you but he doesn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of his mates. Cute, isn’t he? Of course, if he teats you nicely whether you’re alone together or with friends, that’s even better because he’s not bothered by what people think of him!! But remember guys are shy creatures at heart – it might take a while for him to warm up around you.

2. In a group of friends, does he come over to you when he spots you?

This is always a good thing. Boys who want you also want to be close you you, so if he comes over, says hi, and touches your arm or hand, he might as well have a neon sign over his head saying “I want you! Yes that’s right, you!”.

3. Does he mirror your body language?

Have you ever noticed that he tilts his head to one side when you do? Or crosses his arms when you do? We tend to mirror people’s body language when we are paying attention to them and like them – so if he does this, it’s likely he’s interested.

4. Does he pay you compliments?

This one’s obvious. If he’s showering you with flattery then he’s after you. Of course, only if he means it. But a real guy pays sincere compliments to his girl only if he really likes her. He knows good manners are a guy’s best friend!

5. Does he always make sure he’s looking his best when he knows you’re going to see him?

If you can smell his aftershave from a mile away and see he’s brushed his pearly whites like he’s attempting a world record or something, then this an intersting sign. Why is he so meticulous about his appearance? Hmm…

6. Does he laugh at your dad’s corny jokes and help him clean the garage?

Whocko! Finally, a guy who understands those nonsensical jokes! If he gets on with your dad like they’ve known each other for years, then he might be trying to gain some trust from your family. This is a good thing – there’s nothing like your dad thinking your boy is totally awesome!

7. Does he stick up for you when people make fun of you?

If he defends you when other people call you nasty names, then he wants to protect you. Guys don’t do this for fun. If he laughs out loud, then ditch him.

8. Is he constantly asking if you have a boyfriend, where you hang out, and what you like doing?

He wants information – he wants to find out about you. If you’re interested in him too, then be nice and tell him about yourself when he asks, it’s the only way to get him to chill out. And if he likes you, then whether you have a boyfriend already is a priority.

9. Does he flirt with other girls?

Silly question. Take notice of how he acts around other girls – if he’s flirty with everyone then he may not be interested in you exclusively, but if he isn’t particularly flirty with others and gives you “special treatment” then he obviously fancies you!

10. Lastly, does he tell you he likes you?

This is the most important sign. A guy who tells you he likes you probably does. Guys do not go round confessing their love to girls for the hell of it – it is a tough job!

Remember that guys are weird sometimes, but if yours fits these criteria, then you obviously have caught a gem. Don’t let the good ones go! Treat him well so you can have many years of Happymeal-gobbling happiness. Spread the love!

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6 Responses to “10 Tell-tale Signs That He’s Interested”
  1. Zanita Says:

    THank you this one helped me a lot.
    O found a guy that I think really adores me and I saw him protecting me a couple of times but I think we are a little more then just good friends and I hope someday the right thing will happen and we finaly admit how we are feeling about each other.


  2. Scarlett Says:

    This helped so much. He definitely likes me. YESSS! Now to reel him in…

  3. Jenn Says:

    there’s this guy in my grade and at the end of the school year there was a pool party at like planter’s pointe or something. I came a little late and once i hopped in the water, he was on another guy’s shoulders and waved to me. like 20 minutes later my friend kept saying, jenn wants to say hi to you. I said hi almost every time she did that. occasionally he glanced at me and when i looked at him he turned away. He’s really quiet around girls so i don’t know if he likes me or what. I really like him. I asked my friend to ask him if he thought of me as a friend. She said that he said well, i guess so. I constantly aske her if he likes me and she constantly replies yes! So does he like me? Oh one more thing. I saw him at petsmart a few weeks ago and we talked about that and he said he saw me too. My mom always says that his dad was like a brother to her. Does he like me or not? Please reply!!!!

  4. Theresa Says:

    I am not sure if he fancies me. He was working in my mums house and we got talking. He was ok, but then his attitude started to change. I noticed he would put the phone down when he was called on his mobile – this happend in the early stages – like he was hiding the fact he had a girlfriend.
    We were in the bathroom one day and got talking and the mobile rung and he cut it off. I asked him was that work? and he reluctantly said it was his girlfriend and started to complain about her.

    Also I had to take him to the builders merchants locally, this was on two occasions, he asked me if he could build my castle. He said too that he was also buying a motor bike and would I like a ride. Once when i was ready to go out – i went into the bathroom to check if everything was ok and he said I looked beutiful – it came out of no where, and he tried to say my eyes looked fantastic, and make the remark more general – he sort of went into a strange mood and said he had to go – I went after him and he said it was his girlfriend, but I do not think it was. He looked down and said that it was nice knowing me – I was taken by suprise. I asked general questions to avoid a silent journey to the builders merchants on occasions, and he told me about his family and so on, but he always is complaining about his girlfriend. I get mixed feelings about him. Another day I came in from sunbathing and he just said Oh My God!, went into a mood and said he couldn\’t work any more and had to go home. He has now gone and I miss him, but I am not certain if to try and pick up from where we left off. He has a strange way of flirting with me. Towards the end he seemed to be angry with me and wanted to leave the job before it was finished, but my mum told him to finish it. I sent a text message at about 11pm at night saying call me. He telephoned straight away, but I didn\’t get to it. I have seen him sinc, as mum called him back to quote on the guarden, and he said he did return my call. Things were very intense, and he was looking at me directly. He has said other things to imply he is interested, but I do not know if he is just being friendly.

  5. Linzi Says:

    hiaa what if the guy is telling your best friends he likes you does that work too ???

  6. Jaja Says:

    yes, this guy i know does all the things mentioned above.
    But, he’s married….

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