10 Signs That He’s the One

October 26, 2008 by Angelita DeBois  
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Is your man worth your time?

I have been asked, “How can I tell that the man I’m dating is the ONE?” I’m taking a leave from my usual snarky self to answer this question seriously. If you want to know what makes a man a good man, here are ten signs you can look for.

He’s Kind

Here’s an example: You go out to dinner and your man berates, ridicules and mistreats the staff of the restaurant. He does this because he feels that the people serving his dinner are beneath him. This is an example of someone who is classist and not kind to anyone whom he believes is not at his level. He is not a kind person. A man that doesn’t see social standing but treats everyone with respect is a person who realizes that all people are deserving of respect, and he will treat you the same.

He Doesn’t Lie

In order to judge if a person is truthful and not a liar requires an investment of time. Though in order to have a relationship some trust is involved that doesn’t mean BLIND trust. I’d advise anyone woman before she gives over her body and heart to anyone, that she makes sure that person is not a liar. Pay attention to not only what he says but how and why he says it. Don’t be fooled by small or white lies; they are still lies.

He Has Good Relationships with Others

Is your man a loner? That might not be a bad thing but if the relationships he does maintain are already strained to the breaking point; it’s a clear sign that he has a problem. You can always tell what kind of person someone is by whom the hang out with. If all his “friends” hate him, it’s not his friends fault, it’s his.

He Respects Your Feelings

He doesn’t HAVE to understand how you feel, just accept that you feel. A person who is always dismissing you, tell you to “suck it up” is more suited to be a football coach, not a loving boyfriend.

He’s a Happy Person

If he is happy with his role in life, his circumstances, his position, he’s less likely to take out his frustrations on you. Just because he says he’s happy is not enough; a truly happy person stands out all the time. Look for consistency in his actions and behavior.

He Keeps Promises

If he makes promises and breaks his back to fulfill them, he is a keeper. Someone who makes promises like he was giving out tic-tacs is not someone who should be sharing anyone’s life.

He’s Respected

Do people look to your man for advice and help? Or is he considered a joke? If your man is respected it means he has done something to gain people’s respect.
8. He doesn’t have an entourage.
Nothing shows someone with low self-esteem better than someone with a large crowd of hangers-on. If he NEEDS his entourage, chances are they would come first before any woman in his life.

He’s in Touch with his Feelings

He doesn’t have to be a weepy mama’s boy; just someone who realizes that it’s okay to feel bad every once in a while and is mature enough to handle it like an adult. If he doesn’t bury his feelings or explode irrationally but meets challenges head on, he’s a keeper.

He Respects Himself

A true sign of a good man is that he has respect for himself. He practices safe sex. He doesn’t abuse drugs or alcohol. The respect he has in himself radiates outward to the people in his life.

This is real. I believe there are more men who have all these qualities and more than there are who don’t. Once we put aside the “glamour” of the outward appearance and look for the qualities that don’t fade over time, you’ll see that there are plenty of men who are wonderful human beings. If you are lucky enough to find a guy who fits the bill, don’t mess it up!

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6 Responses to “10 Signs That He’s the One”
  1. helenoftroy Says:

    its good to see someone put out there that there are great men out there. i’m lucky enough to have one of them in my life.

  2. jmr Says:

    Wow, this is a good article. I think i will apply these standards to the women that I meet.

  3. Colleen Ranney Says:

    Great advice, Thanks!

  4. pattydegroff Says:

    Being I have lived both sides of this and still remain married today I belived in my husband and often others will do their best to break other couples up not to keep thew guy but just to use them as was in our case. But I knew this man better than he even knew himself and never did I believe he was in love with another .As of yesterday we have been married 38 years now but if I had given up on him no telling where we would be today . I love him more today than ever and our love seems to grow so yes people do make mistakes and if you rush at judgement and cant forgive then this love you shall never know.

  5. tony Says:

    there are only 9 here

  6. tiff Says:

    my husband is the kindest man I’ve ever met; my first attraction to him, where is sense of humor? the main ingredient that keeps us going!!!!!! wish happiness to everyone!!

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