10 Signs That He Does Not Like You

March 4, 2012 by Robertt1820  
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Well they say that women think and feel with the heart, but this sentence, nice to be heard, it always leads to satisfactory results and often blinds us so that we misunderstand things.

For example, the state of infatuation in women can be such that it simply does not allow us to objectively see the signs that they are not interested in us. Thus, we see things that are not or simply choose not to see them for not wanting to accept them.

It is true that everyone has their particular way of expressing and giving love, however, men generally reveal clear signs when they are not interested, but how to detect it?

1. Never say that you love. Although you often have done, he will answer you! Or I hope someday repay you! Or simply not respond and change the subject.


2. Only go out with you during the week or weekend. Invites you on a Wednesday night to a movie or a Monday for dinner. Or, just a Saturday night, but it seems that appointments are always on weekdays or weekends, without spontaneity in terms of days and hours.

3. Never introduces you to his friends and colleagues, let alone his family. When a man is interested, presents you with all the people around him. A man who really interested in you, also aims to meet your friends and family.

4. Hardly ever calls you, if you get to talk to him, is because you called. A man always looks interested how to get in touch with you (phone, message, chat), despite the circumstances that are (work, health, personal).


5. It surprises you with plans and details. A man looks interested surprises you with is detailed and constantly looking to please. This is not about the material, but an interest in making you feel loved.

6. We talk of future plans and you never show up in them. He never speaks in the plural or does not include you in their long-term projects.

7. You never really talks about him and his life. Men who are not interested do not need to talk to them or look you know them in depth.


8. Not interested in your stuff, does not ask anything about your personal life. A man looking to be with you, wants to know your interests, tastes, desires and needs.

9. Her body language indicates rejection or disinterest to have some approach you. An interested man continually seeks physical contact and hold your hand, hug you, kiss you.If you are interested in you, probably his attitude and his actions do not reflect a desire to be with you, or take care and protect you.

10. In other words, we must understand that excuses are nothing but the most subtle form of indifference and rejection.


Finally, it must be remembered that men are pragmatic and literal, if not basic, simplistic and concrete, so their signals always clear even to a woman in love can not Serlas.

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  1. mdrkarim7 Says:

    Nice romantic sharing.

  2. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    all signs I faced :(

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