10 Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit to Marriage

January 23, 2009 by lisagal  
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You want to settle down with your man and take your relationship to the next level but are still waiting for him to pop the question. Sound familiar? Here are 10 possible reasons why men won’t commit to marriage.

  1. Sex, Sex, and Sex

    Some men are in relationships because it’s easier for them to access to sex. So why would they commit if they’re already getting what they want. Some men have a fear of marriage because it means that they can only have sex with one person for the rest of their lives when they can have unattached multiple relationships instead.

  2. Financial Worries

    Some men are more concerned about their money than marriage. They may want to get a promotion or a pay rise so they rather commit to getting that than anything else. They might also think that if they were to commit, what will happen to their financial status. Will things change dramatically? What if the marriage breaks down in divorce? How much would this affect his money. If you were to date this type of man and want to get married to him, you’re best signing a pre-nuptial agreement. By doing this, you gave him the security that he wants therefore he might walk down the aisle with you.

  3. Changes and Responsibilities

    One thing that men are afraid of when it comes to commitment is change and responsibilities. If they are very happy with their lives and where they are now, why settle and change anything. Men can compromise in relationships but don’t expect them to change their way of life. Being responsible for himself is one thing, but being responsible for you and the household chores ect, is another.

  4. He’s a Total Flirt

    Being with a guy that is a total flirt is really hard. Most of the time you just don’t know whether he’s cheating on you or not with his womanizing behavior. Not saying that he will cheat but he just loves to flirt and get the attention from the opposite sex. They will not settle down as these men gets bored very easily. They look for passion and excitement but once that’s over, so maybe the relationship. Don’t expect this one to slow down for you, he has to do it himself. 

  5. Achieve his Goals First

    Many men think that marriage will and might slow their lives down of what they want to achieve. They may not want to settle down and get married not till they have met those goals whether it’s traveling the world or buying their own house. They know that if they get married or have kids, it will slow the process down of achieving it.

  6. Not Over his Ex

    If you know that your man is not over his ex, best for you is to let him go as you could well be the rebound girl. If his ex ever calls him again and wants him back, I’ll guarantee that he will leave you in a blink of an eye. His heart is with her and being with you helps ease his pain. Some signs of your man not over his ex are if he still has her picture in a frame or on his phone. If he sometimes talks about her or take you to the same place he also took her.

  7.  Bad Experience with his Ex

    If your man had a bad experience with his ex or a bad breakup, it might take him a while to overcome that with a new relationship. You have to be patient with him and give him time to heal. Give him time to trust that you aren’t like his ex and that you won’t do the same damage.

  8. He Feels Pressured

    There are a couple of ways when men feels pressured into getting married. If the pressure is coming from you as a girlfriend to take the relationship to the next level, then you are in for some trouble. If he feels really pressured by you, he might just run away leaving you behind as you are pushing him away further and further. Maybe you are the right person for him, he’s just not ready at this time. If it takes to long for him to commit, then you should look elsewhere because maybe he’ll never.

    Another pressure could be coming from his parents. Maybe he’s at a certain age and hasn’t settled down yet. But that’s between him and his parents.

  9. Reluctant to Commit if you have Children

    You have children and want to get married to your man but he doesn’t feel the same way? The reasons why he may not want to get married to you if you have kids of your own is that he doesn’t want to have all the responsibilities of you and your family. He wants to be there with you and the kids but without the attachment to it. It may feel a bit too much pressure for him to deal with everything.

  10. You’re just not The One

    As hard as it may sounds, but if he hasn’t spoken to you about getting married then maybe you’re just not the one for him. It’s just a waste of time waiting for him to be ready, but if you’re not the one for him, then he’ll never be ready. Until he finds the right person, he will not settle down for any less. Of course he still loves you and still enjoys hanging out with you, but maybe he’s just not in love with you. There’s a big difference. Then it’s up to you whether you want to stay and wait or look elsewhere for love.    

Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Just because you love your partner doesn’t mean that he’s the one to marry. You got to look into the future. What will make your relationship last forever? Will he be the best husband and father? Never think that divorce is an option. 1 in 3 marriages end up in divorce, you don’t want to be that 1 in 3. If you choose to marry wisely, there will be no divorce. Good luck!          

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4 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit to Marriage”
  1. Little Miss Lizzy Says:

    sound advice in a well written article. I was waiting for the number 10 – I always think that above all this is the most obvious yet so many women bury their heads and ignore it!

  2. derrickblogs Says:

    Your article very interesting…

    you know how to get the men’s attention.

  3. FRANKO SAYS Says:

    in my opinion, it is more like the women out there today that don’t want to COMMIT to us men now. they seem to be playing too many GAMES, and certainly a lot of women now need to GROW UP. i am a STRAIGHT MAN that really hates to go out as it is, and it now has become very hard for me just to start a CONVERSATION with the woman that i would really want to meet. there seems to be so many women with an ATTITUDE PROBLEM, and many of the women of today are so VERY UNEDUCATED. I really can’t BLAME MYSELF, since i am one of many men that are very SERIOUSLY LOOKING to meet that special woman and have a RELATIONSHIP with her. we are living in DIFFERENT TIMES, since many women nowadays have very HIGH PAYING JOBS, and now think THAT THEY ARE ALL THAT. if only us good men can CONNECT with a GOOD WOMAN. that would have been a lot EASIER like years ago, when the women and men had to ACCEPT one another for who they were.

  4. qncai Says:

    Like it, thank for share

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