10 Questions to Answer to Determine If He Likes You

August 24, 2009 by GreenSunshine  
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Put away that magic eight ball and figure out the real way to tell if he likes you.

So recently I have been exploring the web and noticed there are a lot of sites out there dedicated to finding out if the girl likes the guy, but not the other way around. Sure they are out there but I feel I have the opportunity here to put in my two cents over this issue. I am a guy who, although isn’t necessarily an authority on the manner, has picked up on a few of his own and other male habits that are telling signs that he likes you. Here is a quick little way to figure what his interest level is.

The rules of this game are simple I will make a variety of statements and you have to answer 0-5 of them ( I suggest writting this down your response on a piece of paper). Your answers will be whether or not the guy in question conforms to the statement I made, 0 being not at all and 5 being completely and anything in-between being the varying degree. For example, If I made the statement, “He likes bubblegum” and you know he hates bubblegum you would put a 0.

Lets start!

Start here!

  1. He talks to me daily if not more than once a day and for long periods of time
  2. I sometimes catch him staring at me
  3. He often tries to touch me, whether it is a hug, poke, or other
  4. He will sometimes disagree with me over small things just so that we can playfully argue
  5. Whenever when I am with him among friends, I notice that he talks to me more than his other friends.
  6. He often adds little complements to me here and there and quickly changes the subject.
  7. I can tell he thinks of me even when I’m not there through his actions and behavior.
  8. He will tell me things, especially related to dating and his preferences toward it. He will also ask me about my own preferences casually along with my relationship history. He will avoid his own history.
  9. He will not mention girls to me and if he does he will downplay their importance to him.
  10. When talking to me he looks away, fidgets, covers his mouth or hands, or folds his arms

Here is the grading scale

  • 40-50 He probably if not definitely likes you
  • 30-39 There probably is something there but be cautious and move slowly
  • 20-29 It’s too obscure to determine. Wait, grow closer to him, and take this quiz again at a later date
  • 10-19 I’m afraid this is probably just a friendship, this might change as time goes on of course
  • 0-9 Need I say it?

Hopefully this helps


Green Sunshine

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  3. Laura Prescott Says:

    bummer about the 10-19
    hard to say about boys in their teens right? aha

  4. GreenSunshine Says:

    Yup Bummer about 10-19… Is that the score you received?

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