Cheaters Suck

February 29, 2008 by Jade T. Hunter  
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Thoughts on the plethora of adultery, cheating, and dishonesty in interpersonal relationships from a fairly open minded wife and mother.

Cheaters suck!!!
And you know who you are!

I have known too many women who think it is justifiable to have sex with a man (or woman) other then their spouse.

I am not your “normal” person. My life has been extraordinary. Even with this unusual background I have held to a code. One of my few rules has always been: If in a relationship, dating all the way up the spectrum to marriage, cheating on your partner is not an option.

I would not tolerate being cheated on, and as far as I know I have not been. I will not cheat on whomever I am with. I will come to you and tell you that you and I, we are not working well, and we need to change how we are having the relationship. We see other people to breaking up, there are many ideas…. However, you will never find out I cheated on you.

There are certain crimes that are not going to be perpetrated by me. I will not cheat.

The grass seems to be greener …for some women… in another man’s pasture….

These women have had sex outside of their marriage while the husband thought everything was “fine”. One husband found out during the divorce. No papers have been signed no agreements have been reached yet the wife started wearing a ring, an engagement ring, around town. This farce of a male she has been shagging did not have the decency to wait until the papers had been signed to propose to her. She obviously has no integrity and could not wait for her children to have a secure custody agreement before she accepted.

. Another husband has no idea that his divorce was pre-empted by his wife of over 7 years screwing around with another man. This has been referred to as the “wake up call”. I swallowed my ethics on adultery and rationalized with her. I self justified her transgressions by:

  1. I did not know about her cheating until 3-4 months post cheating. Her divorce was in motion and she was introducing me to her newer lover. I had no idea there were other men in her life.
  2. I figured since she actually went through with the divorce she was being some what accountable. I shall never do that again.

A third man has no clue that his wife has been having an on going and very intense emotional relationship with her ex-boyfriend. This has never accumulated in a sex act (that we know of) yet many talks have discussed whether or not he (the ex) would be accepting of her children even though they are fathered by a man different then himself. He (the ex) is welcoming of her and the children. The current husband has no clue what his spouse, the mother of his children, has been up to for over 2 years. She has told my man repeatedly how unhappy she is.

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4 Responses to “Cheaters Suck”
  1. Vivian Says:

    Your article is very one side…you give examples of a female cheat yet not once used evidence to prove the others side. The title is very adolescent, something that a 16 yr old would blog.

  2. Jade Says:


    I am a woman, my experience is from that side. I am calling out women who cheat- not men- men can go and do that. If you are angry that I am not writing about MEN then why don’t you write about men cheaters?

    This is all based from real life events. I knew WOMEN who were cheating. It wasn’t the MEN that were cheating. Simple.

    And the title was to “grab your attention” and it must have as you came and read my article.

    I thank you ;)

  3. Ryan Says:


    I think you missed the point of this article. At the very beginning Jade set this up by the mere fact that she said “I have known too many women who think it is justifiable to have sex with a man (or woman) other then their spouse.”

    By setting it up this way it was designed to be speaking to females that cheat, and not set up to talk about men and women. If you are offended by the fact that she only spoke of women, then that is your own issue. However what I believe is being said here from a woman (Jade) to other women is that just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I will hold your secret.

    I thought the article was well written and didn’t see it as juvenile at all. I see this article as opening up to something that isn’t talked about as much as when a male cheats. Kudos to the writer for bringing this out and openly speaking of it

  4. Shawn Says:

    Cheating is a serious thing and no one should ever try to right the wrongs of thier relationship OUTSIDE the relationship. Good job Jade in talking about women who cheat and the effect this can have on the man because usually we only hear the stories from the other side.

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