Best Ways to Get Your Boyfriend Back

October 2, 2010 by HookNasty  
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How to get your love back.

Relationships can be a wonderful thing. They can make people happy and they can help people through every day life. Being with that special someone is something that can’t be explained in words. It just feels right and it feels good. However, sometimes relationships can get bad. Couples start fighting a lot and they start to get jealous of each other. This happens with a lot of couples and it is very disappointing. Unfortunately sometimes couples break up. This can be very hard for both sexes and it puts a lot of stress on them. Sometimes the reasons for break ups are legit but sometimes they are not. Here are some ways to get your boyfriend if you still love him and want to be with him.


1) Talk about why you broke up. This does not mean argue or fight. Sit down casually and discuss the reasons why you broke up. Couples tend to break up when the get mad or upset and it is out of rage. They don’t know why they did it they just did because they were mad. Sometimes just talking about it can fix the relationship problem instantly.

2) Space. Now you will hear this a lot but it is true. Sometimes a guy just needs time alone to think about what he is doing. Don’t worry ladies he still thinks about you, trust me. Do not call him or text him all the time. This will just make him annoyed and he will not be into it. Let him come talk to you when her is ready.

3) Keep your social life going. Try meeting new people. This includes other guys too. Now if you really love this guy then you won’t have to worry about talking to other guys. This will show your ex that you are not depressed and are moving along with your life. It may also get him a little jealous but that’s okay because he might want to talk to you then.

4)Play hard to get. This works wonders on guys and guys love it. Give him some chase and he’ll follow. Ignore him when you are in the same area and don’t talk to him. If you are near him with a group of friends talk about what you are going to do this weekend with your friends. This will get him thinking and he might try to confront you.

5) Apologize. If you know it is your fault and you know that he broke up with you because of something you did then say sorry to him. Don’t go crying to him but be respectful towards him and apologize. I know this can be hard for some girls but it is the right thing to do, and he will be thankful for it. Be nice to him and just say sorry and let him think about it. If he truly cares then he will come back to you with no questions asked.

Good Luck with your relationship!

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