Benefits of Divorce

November 28, 2010 by Bella Delanna  
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Getting a divorce can be a sad event in your life. For me, it was the best decision that I’ve ever made. Here’s my story.

     When I realized that my marriage was unhappy beyond repair, I began thinking about all of the divorce stories I’d heard from people or seen on television or in movies:  heartbreak, financial despair, staying at home from depression, waiting months to feel ready to date again.  I, of course, didn’t want to deal with any of that but my situation had become so unhappy that I needed to act.  After the short and sweet divorce process, I was surprised to see that instead of all of the stereotypical divorce effects, I was instead granted more freedom, more money, fewer chores, and less stress.

            As soon as my ex-husband moved out of the house, it was like I suddenly had more freedom in so many ways.  The first thing was that I didn’t have to be considerate in my decorating tastes anymore.  I immediately upon becoming an all girl household, I made almost everything in the bedroom pink as a startling reminder that I can decorate without consideration to men.  Next, my bathroom was decorated with butterflies and flowers.  With my new-found freedom, I found that it was much easier to come and go because I no longer had to worry about someone being mad if I wasn’t home at a certain time.  I could just load up in my car with my daughter and take off whenever I wanted and come home whenever I felt like it.  Of course the most obvious freedom of divorce was being able to look for someone of the male persuasion that had more things in common with me.

            My ex-husband had a substance abuse problem, so that weighed on the household finances tremendously.  This was a factor that brought on the divorce, and indeed, as I suspected my finances became more stable after the divorce.  I was able to pay bills on time and always had enough gas to get where I was going.  My money no longer mysteriously disappeared.  I even paid back the relatives that I had to borrow money from to pay the bills before the divorce.  Going out to eat was more affordable without another  adult to pay for as well.

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