Areyou Irritating Your Boyfriend?

July 4, 2011 by julieeshub  
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A relationship is like your own child, and you have to care for him to make it evolve and grow. Most of us understand and give our one hundred percent. There are still times when the same dedication does not help. You often end up doing things that harm their relationship with their loved ones. Actions, often unintentionally, are serious enough to drive a wedge between couples.

So read on to know some tricks yours is irritating your prince charming.

• Everyone has an opinion on them and most men believe in full use. They can not suffer any undue interference in their personal circumstances and you should resist it proposals to give them uninvited. And if your side of the family is the one always sticking their noses in his personal matter, it is now time to stop before it’s too late.

• Women who love shopping. Certainly, it should not be a problem with your man. But after entering all shops in the center only and ask the same thing can actually drive you crazy. The simplest solution to the problem is to take your friend or cousin along shopping, and once you finally hit on a sure thing, only then call through a second opinion.

• Every man would like to see his wife having a good time. However, a drunken woman lost control after swallowing a few shots is the nightmare of every man. If you are aware that you will be unbearable after a number of shots, so it is best to limit your intake of drinks. You know your capabilities and there is no sense in pushing your limits.

• There will be times irritating habits or actions. Ladies, men prefer to be informed of their deficiencies to be aware of them. Sit down with a fresh mind and explain what you expect.

• And finally, never leave abruptly in the middle of a discussion. What makes you look rude and arrogant, and would leave an open space for the argument pop up again, so be sure to dress the entire discussion before leaving the scene to maintain a harmonious relationship.

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