50 Ways to Treat a Lady

July 20, 2008 by tenger  
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Respecting your mate in tangible ways.

  1. Hold her hand in public
  2. Hold her hand in private
  3. Open the door for her…especially the car door.
  4. Smile
  5. Talk about her positively around others
  6. Ask her about her day
  7. Send her flowers…just because.
  8. Call her with nothing on your mind except her
  9. Ask how you can help around the house
  10. Smile at her
  11. Write a quick little message and put it where she’ll find it after you’ve left for the day
  12. Give her a foot massage
  13. Rub her shoulders
  14. Take her out to a special restaurant…just because she’s special.
  15. If you’re going to be late, apologize profusely and bring her a small present home
  16. Mail her a letter from your office
  17. Tell her you love her
  18. Tell her you like her
  19. Take out the trash without her asking
  20. Do the dishes without her asking
  21. Serve her breakfast in bed occasionally
  22. Smile at her
  23. Cuddle with her with no other intentions but to cuddle
  24. Stick up for her around your relatives
  25. Write her a poem or a story
  26. Get your picture taken together
  27. Pray for her
  28. Gently massage her neck without her asking you to
  29. Compliment her on how she looks
  30. Tell her that you’re happy you’re together
  31. Bring a small present home occasionally
  32. Email her that you’re just thinking of her. No business. No reminder “to do” items, just her.
  33. Ask her how you can be a better mate
  34. Tell her you love her. You can’t tell her often enough.
  35. Never raise your voice at her in public
  36. Never go to bed angry with her. Never.
  37. Never raise your hand at her in anger. Never. Instead, walk away and cool off.
  38. Be careful about the tone of voice you use when you may be annoyed at her. In other words, don’t be harsh.
  39. Remember her birthday and your anniversary
  40. Offer to go shopping with her (and refrain from playing the martyr for doing it!)
  41. Give her a break from the house and the kids at least once a week
  42. Never give her a reason to be suspicious of you (i.e., lunching alone with an attractive co-worker or subordinate).
  43. Talk to her when you get home from work
  44. Do something together that you’ve never ever done before together
  45. Give her a shoulder hug occasionally
  46. Kiss her on the forehead or cheek unexpectedly
  47. Encourage her to pursue her interests
  48. Smile at her
  49. Tell her you love her
  50. Do any or all of these often

I know many of these may seem old-fashioned but so what? Men err on telling our mates that we love them and smiling at them. If you do nothing else but those two things, you’re well on your way to being a thoughtful Gentleman.

It all boils down to this: treat your lady like a lady. She’s not your mother. She’s not your cook and dishwasher. She’s your mate and hopefully your best friend. Forever.

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  1. Dr.Qasim Says:

    Give her due respect, not only her but her comments and opinions about any thing, she says. If she is wife, do not talk about other ladies, specially about the beauty of other women.

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