32 Ways to Treat the Man in Your Life

July 20, 2008 by tenger  
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Many of these are basic relationship-building techniques. Of course there are other ways.

  1. Kiss him goodbye everyday when you both depart
  2. Tell him you’ll be thinking about him throughout the day
  3. Call him to tell him you’re thinking about him
  4. Smile when you’re around him
  5. Give him a little time to unwind when he gets home. Don’t deluge him with “Johnny did this and Mary did that” as soon as he gets through the door.
  6. Write him a mushy postcard at his office (knowing full well that everyone who sees it will read it)
  7. Thank him for being such a good mate (be sure to have 2-3 specific things in mind when you tell him this)
  8. Watch a sporting event with him if he’s a big sports nut
  9. Tell him you love him
  10. Tell him you’d marry him again if you had the opportunity to do it again
  11. If you want him to do something, ask him nicely
  12. Write a little love note and put it in his wallet
  13. Email him that you’re thinking about him
  14. Ask him if there’s anything you can do to make his life easier
  15. Gush over his work accomplishments
  16. If you’re not in shape, take small steps to become that way (you can believe the single women in his office are in shape or getting into shape)
  17. Greet him with a kiss when he gets home
  18. Dress up a little for when he gets home (again, the women in his office are looking their best every day)
  19. Remember his birthday and your anniversary
  20. Praise him when you’re around your relatives
  21. Praise him when you’re around your friends (flip side to this is, never criticize him no matter what he’s done)
  22. Surprise him with his favorite dessert
  23. Cuddle with him when you’re watching television
  24. Don’t go to bed angry
  25. Admit and apologize when you’re wrong..
  26. Make him something using your hands and creativity. Give it to him for his birthday.
  27. Tell him you love him AND you like him
  28. Greet him with a kiss in your hot new lingerie
  29. Ask him to pray with you
  30. Give him your undivided attention when he talks
  31. Ask him to come to bed with you (especially if he’s a night owl)
  32. Smile when you’re around him

Take some time and list your own. Many of these are very small steps to respecting and honoring your man. It is time well spent.

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