18 Things Women Know About Men and Wish They Didn’t

May 8, 2010 by Silvan Teodoro  
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In his book Build Your Boyd for Life Sex and Love 396-page, a fully pictured new book on health and fitness, author Silvan Teodoro discuss what women know about men and what they want fixed!

On Men and Emotions

Freeloaders, unemotional, weak if emotional, macho, unmanly if emotional. Emotionally unintelligent, assuming, un-understanding, presumptuous, unbalanced if too emotional, cold if too un-emotional. Calculating if neutral, threatening if overly emotional, emotional cheater if too friendly with my sister, traitor if siding with my mother.

On Men and Romance

Aloof. Insensitive. Too Romantic. Boring.

Needy. Uncaring. Weird, Jelly Fishy.

Men and Sex

Selfish, oversexed, addicts, adulterers, impotent, ageists, complexed, perplexed. Insecure, immature, rushed, tired, ignorant, brutal, pornographers, weak, smelly. Smell of someone else’s perfume, thinking of someone else during sex, kinky, boring, mechanical. Online infidels, jealous.

On Men and Hygiene

Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!

On Men and Housekeeping

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

On Men and Money

Risk takers, not enough of it, spend drift, money-holics.

Money comes first. Poor; no security to offer.

Rich but no time for me. Poor and too much time for me.

On Men and Wealth

 ???????????? – Will be become ‘his’ sometime in the future.

Men and Work

Career comes first! Workaholic (if spending too much time at work) 

Lazy (if spending too much time at home or if unemployed)

On Men and Marriage

Afraid! Could leave me for young woman. Want you to be like his mother.

Afraid you’ll be just like your mother. Could have married your sister instead of you.

On Men and Fidelity


On Men and Toys

Boys struggling with troubled past.

On Men and Cars

Silly Boys!

On Men and Wars


On Men and Dating

Scared, ugly, poor, cocky, timid, womanizers, desperate, boring, losers, skirt chasers.

On Men and ‘His’ Penis

Too small. Too Big. Not Big Enough.

Average size? Boring…maybe I must try the guy next door.

On Men – O – Pause

 Starts at 35

On Men and Aging

Like wine; the older the better until he’s 57.

Beyond that got to start taking night classes at Nursing

School. Maybe join Cougar.

On Men as a Social Animal

Men are dogs are men are dogs are men are dogs

What women want fixed in men? All of the above!

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  1. donna Says:

    gynocentrism at it’s absolute best!

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