10 Ways to Tell If He is Interested in You

October 8, 2009 by kimoshea  
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You have met your ideal guy but how can you tell if he feels the same way about you? These quick tips help you to decide if he is worth getting to know better.

  1. You see him out on the street or in the mall and realize that he is looking at you. He smiles and holds your gaze. This is probably one of the first ways of knowing that you have been noticed. When you are attracted to someone eye contact becomes irresistible and when you are not interested it is not so important and is even avoided.
  2. You bump into him in unusual places where you have never noticed him before. Unless he is stalking you this is often a sign that he is trying to pluck up the courage to talk to you or even ask you out.
  3. When you need help he jumps in without being asked. If you are carrying a heavy or awkward load and he comes and offers to carry it for you this is a good indication that he is taking an interest in you. Men often feel a protective urge towards someone they care about this is one way of showing it.
  4. He gets easily embarrassed when he is around you. When a man starts to notice you he often does not know how to react and gets tongue tied or confused. He may even blush when you speak to him as like you, he may feel nervous and not sure where it could lead.
  5. He compliments you on your hair or make up. By doing this he is demonstrating that he is paying close attention to you and that he likes what he sees.
  6. He starts to pay particular attention to his appearance. If you have seen him around for a while and you notice that he has started to appear better dressed and seems to be taking more care of his appearance then he may well be doing this to impress you.
  7. He listens to what you say when you talk to him and remembers little details about the conversation. When a man is interested in a woman he will go out of his way to show this by being careful to take note of small things which he knows will please you.
  8. He asks for your phone number and actually calls you. This is a strong indication that he is interested in having a relationship with you. When a man is only interested in friendship he will often forget to call or will wait for you to call him.
  9. He starts to tell you what he likes and dislikes and also talks about his personal life and family. Most men find it hard to talk about emotional issues and avoid talking about anything close to home. When a man starts to open up and talk about the things that really matter this is a strong message that he is interested.
  10. He asks you out. Unless he makes it clear that it is just a friendship thing then you can fairly safely assume you are about to embark on your first date.

To be on the safe side you need to have noticed most if not all of these hints before you can assume that he is interested. After all men are strange, mysterious creatures who can be difficult to understand unlike women who like to keep things open and straightforward.

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